Tinder!!! and other first impressions


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Have enjoyed my first couple of hours on this game. Couple of things:

- save option would be nice, couldnt save my progress unless I'm missing a button!

- tinder seems hard to find. I died once as I couldnt start a fire, even though I had three deers worth of meat and piles of firewood, but never managed to forage tinder!

- is firelighting chance actually random? I burned through 7 items of tinder in a row with failed fires on one runthrough.

- protecting yourself with the hatchet/hunting knife would be nice.

Very enjoyable in general, exploring and discovering was fun.

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- You can save the game by resting. One hour is enough to save.

- In case you haven't figure it out yet, if you have newsprint, you can harvest that for tinder.

- Chance of success in firelighting depends on the firewood. Cedar or fir is good, if you have no accelerant, whereas reclaimed wood has low chance without accelerant. Just select different combinations (firewood type & with or without accelerant) and check the numbers showing the probability.

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