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display bug in TWM

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windows 10 64 bit

all display are always there 

screen_(1659, 213, 1439)_381d79a7-71a6-47c2-8edd-8e1e442d7b9d.png

foot print in the air ^^

screen_(1029, 301, 1624)_2217b181-2397-4856-a746-66a71ac87a73.png

screen_(824, 288, 959)_0d4dd9e5-a13b-4222-9567-ff8b76dec7ec.png

screen_(986, 215, 830)_4babfe15-e5e4-4fbb-ba5f-c639092d97b0.png

screen_(982, 215, 822)_1459513c-2e30-499d-90b6-34ca169379b0.png

screen_(807, 289, 988)_cc9596f5-542b-44ff-80e7-fc5bfea21171.png

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