Stat Log - How many times have you died!

Toronagga Darklake

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My suggestion (after playing just a couple of days from Steam EA)...

The main screen could do with a stats section listing some of you global stats, eg:

1. Your longest survival time.

2. How many times you have died by:

a. Freezing.

b. Starving.

c. Killed by wolves.

d. trauma (falling to your death, etc).

e. Poisoning.

f. Any other method of dying a grizzly grusome death (I've not found them all yet).

3. Coldest Temperature encountered.

Obviously the stats would be recorded/updated on the moment you died. I think this would be a good way of seeing where your weaknesses are and also so you have some idea of what you've been up to as you 'progress' in the game.

Feel free to add your suggestions for stats to the list.

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I'm sure some people would also be interested in kill stats, like

- deer shot

- wolves shot

- wolves killed with bare hands

- missed shots

Maybe also wolf attacks survived, just to make things a little less grim.

The "died by" stats could be a bit difficult to implement, because you can have several simultaneous causes of death. On my run when I got stuck in snow for 11 hours and lost the bedroll, I managed to die by exposure, starvation, dehydration and exhaustion. Of course, you could just list "multiple causes" for those cases.

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I found out that you can actually burn to death.

I had 5 condition left, was freezing at the derailment and there were wolves circling around me.

So i made a campfire outdoors and tried to get as close to it as possible so i would not freeze to death. Then i burned to death.

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