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Ok so after playing it a while today here is my main gripes...

1. Food... My god, my character needs to eat like a sumo wrestler in heat...

In 8 hours he had to consume three cans of pork and beans, one can of peaches, two candy bars, and a granola bar. I'm all for a realistic experience, but i spend 6 of those 8 hours in the camp office learning how to get wood and start a fire, melt snow and boil it for water, standing by a warm stove ain't going to take that much food!

2. Wolf Defense... Seriously i have a hatchet and i can't use it when a wolf attacks me? Tell me you would use your bare hands if you had a hatchet? Flares? They work 1 out of 10 tens so far for me. One time i lit one and tossed it at a wolf and he ran away so i was like cool hoard the flares for defense, then the very next wolf that crossed my path i lit a flare tossed it at him and backed off and he literally walked RIGHT OVER THE DANG THING and kept coming til he killed me.

3. Controls... I cannot express here without using many obscenities how much i HATE WASD for controls, absolutely positively 100% despise it with a complete and utter gut felt passion. Please make the keys assignable, if you do nothing else please add key mapping!!! I have big fat fingers and i have to cramp my hand pretty bad to use that combo. I generally play with F for forward, G for back and A and Z for strafe left and right, this allows my hand to comfortably lay on the keyboard for hours. I got killed twice by wolves because i literally had to stop and think how to hit the keys to get out of there!

After my last death i just said enough for today, give it a couple days off and i will explore some more, its just too utterly frustrating with the keys setup as they are, thats my main #1 complaint, i only listed it as #3 because i believe its probably going to be less of a problem for some but its top bidding for me.

Also, the last death i starved after 1 day and 31 minutes. I STARVED in 24 hours? Come on really? Yeah i know, its cold, blah blah, lots of calories, blah blah, but ask anyone that knows survival or has been in a rough situation and food is days before its a serious problem. Its almost like they should have reversed the Water and Food, the food goes down ten times faster then the Water. If i was in this situation i would be more worried about dehydration then i would food. Oh but water is easy to get so i guess the food has to go down at ten times the speed. Ugh...

Ok all that aside, i want to say that while i sound like i hate the game it couldnt be further from the truth! I LOVE THIS GAME... Finally someone made a survival game with no dang zombies or monsters, that line in the descriptions i read online were my primary reason for even buying it, getting sick to death (no pun intended) of zombie games, they just arent interesting anymore.

I think with a few tweaks and added features this is going to be a rock star of a game for people that want to challenge something where its just you and the elements. But i do think the realism needs some work yet regarding the food. I can see if i was out running all day, but sitting in a cabin next to a warm fire shouldnt take around 5k calories a day. I had to make him binge eat to survive basic tasks of lighting a fire and boiling water.

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TO sound like a broken record:

The calorie intake is modeled after real-life circumstances, and accelerated proportionally for the increased time speed.

I suspect you are trying to maintain 100% condition.

In cold weather, the body needs 6000-8000 calories to mantain condition.

In the game, if you eat nothing, and take care of everything else, you'll live for 4 days before condition drops to zero. This captures the real-life aspect. Sure, you're hungry, but you can push on for a while before it seriously affects you.

In real life lost survivors are never at 100% Maintaining 100% condition is not the goal of the game.

Try this next time you play... take care of everything else, but don't worry about food until your condition drops quite a bit. Then feed yourself to >2000 calories, ensure all other needs are met, and rest.

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I was wondering about the keyboard controls. I was playing for the first time this AM on the train on a macbook (without a mouse), and I finally figured out most controls, but then a damned wolf attacked me and I couldn't figure out how to fight with LMB / RMB with the trackpad. Does anyone know?

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