[BUG] Calorie Intake Not Adding Up

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Since v.348 and you get bonus for cooking, harvesting etc. I have noticed that when you get increased calories from cooked meat and when you eat it you are not getting the increased calories. They revert back to the default settings. Example: Currently I'm at 1080 calories for cooked bear meat. When you eat it you get the default of 900 calories. I know its a small amount and did not notice it at first but when you you travel a long distance and your food runs out faster then planned it can be a problem. I checked and its that way for all meat. Deer, Wolf, Bears and Fish. When you increase your skills we should be able to reap the benefits of those skills. Everything else on the skills seem to be working OK. Wanted to know if anyone else have caught this. If this has been reports before then sorry for posting it again. 

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