Hello from Brighton =)


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Hi guys,

Just a quick "hello" here from Brighton, UK. I just got in from work this evening and played the game for 6 solid hours, and now I'm heading to bed - work tomorrow is going to require lots of coffee! Absolutely love the game so far, I love hunkering down and surviving the elements, and I think TLD has just the right difficulty where I can just about get enough wood/water/food to survive, but I have to really be on the ball. Obviously there's more stuff to be implemented, but a really great foundation, it's already tons of fun.

My main criticism from my first play session is that it would be good to be able to see better what clothing goes in what "slot". Perhaps if you could choose a clothing "slot" and pick from a list of clothing that is valid, that would make it easier to equip the optimal gear.

Thanks, good work, and good night =)

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