Just bought the game yesterday and


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It's simply great. I randomly stumbled upon a gameplay video of it and thought it was worth a try. Completely worth it. Also extremely happy it's for mac as I've got one. Graphics/artwork is great, and although it's still in alpha, I've had more fun playing this than other alpha games (IE: Rust, etc) and I'm extremely happy with this purchase. The elements truly speak to you in this game, and although the game mechanics need a bit of tweaking (hunger, especially), I'm so excited I'm in an early release stage of this game. Very happy with the purchase and extremely optimistic when it comes to the final product. Can't imagine what it could look like a year or so from now.

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Thanks for your insights...

Item condition/degregation is being tuned and worked on constantly.

The hunger, is actually VERY realistic.

The calorie intake is modeled after real-life circumstances, and accelerated proportionally for the increased time speed.

In cold weather, the body needs 6000-8000 calories to maintain condition. The game is coded to match this need, and accelerated for the increased rate of time.

I suspect you are trying to maintain 100% condition.

In the game, if you eat nothing, and take care of everything else, you'll live for over 4 days before condition drops to zero. This captures the real-life aspect. Sure, you're hungry, but you can push on for a while before it seriously affects you.

In real life lost survivors are never at 100%.

Maintaining 100% condition is not the goal of the game.

Try this next time you play... take care of everything else, but don't worry about food until your condition drops quite a bit. Then feed yourself to >2000 calories, ensure all other needs are met, and rest.

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