Stupid wolves...


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I've just been killed by that wolf for the 2nd time. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, I keep mashing the leftmouse and hitting him with my rightmouse, but I can't seem to get my strenght up fast enough somehow.

Wow, what a rush from that fight; adrenaline still flowing. And dying in this game always leaves me shattered somehow. Like, an empty feeling. I've been working so hard and so long to make it and then...bam, I'm dead. Keep staring at the screen, thinking what I've done wrong.

Just a little break, and try again. This time I will survive!

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Fluffy used to respawn after 5 days, but in the latest version (v.138) once you kill Fluffy, he stays dead.

I can't believe we call this wolf Fluffy now.

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