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Proof That Bigfoot Exists v.119


Explain that, skeptics. Corpse for scale.

Edit: Since this was moved to the bug report section, I should probably explain how this came to be. I simply picked up the shoes and then dropped them, causing the molecules in the shoes to grow exponentially.

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Finally!!! A pair of shoes that will fit me in the game!

Note: I wear size 18-19 (US Can) / 52-53 (Eur)

Jeez! I thought size 12 was big!

Oh so that explains it. I thought I was going crazy but I guess I just had found one of his tools.

He has evolved.

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Bug description :I picked up a fleece sweater in TrailerA at the logging camp, then when i dropped it, it turns huge.


Repro steps: Picked it up again, re dropped it and still becoming huge. Tried to move to a different place in the trailer and still happens. Tried to put it back into a container, pick it back up then drop it again, still happening.


Coordinates:5.7 -148.2 -0.2

Visibility:Very visible

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I dropped a Jerry Can and then Lantern Fuel right on top of it. The result, an oversized container of lantern fuel. Can you imagine trying to fill a small lantern with that thing?? ;)

I took a picture, picked it up and put it back down, it went back to normal. I was unable to reproduce it, and it has only occurred this one time.

Windows 8.1 64-Bit


-3.5 -148.2 3.1



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