Some stoves have no UI (v. 119)


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Hello, I just downloaded The Long Dark yesterday. I wanted to say, thank you for creating a survival game without zombies.

I have found 3 stoves so far, lookout, office and ice fishing huts. Of those three locations, only the office stove shows the fire starting UI. Searching the forums I see this was an issue at one time but seemed to be fixed.

Version: 119

OS: Windows 8.1

Playing in windowed mode

Thank you,


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Guest Alan Lawrance

This is still an issue, and unfortunately it appears to be a random and hard-to-reproduce problem. Do you detect any pattern to this problem, or do you have a reproducible set of steps?

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Thank Alan. No problem. I will continue play keeping any eye out for any patterns. Probably unrelated but, when I have a can opener, I can still only smash cans open.

Thanks, Tyler

Have a look at the condition of the Can Opener, and if you are at 0% you will need Simple Tools and Scrap metal to repair it, or find another (hint lake hint) :)

@Alan There is a uproar on Steam about fires not working, so its a bit of a big issue. People dying because they can't boil water or get warm because they can't light a fire . . . . . Will run around today and see what I can pick up, as it hasn't happened since v.116 for me.

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