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I'm mucking about with some of TLD's game mechanics, and having a save point I can recall would make these experiments easier to perform. I know it's against the spirit of the game to "save scum", but these experiments are for SCIENCE and FUN.

AFAIK, the early alphas leading up to the Steam release had some kind of save folder with the states of various locations, but that has since been wrapped up in encrypted files. A look through AppData turned up nothing I could recognize. I'm not looking to save edit, just save backup and recall when I need to change an aspect of the experiment.

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This folder dont exist on my computer... an idea ? it's changed ?

If you're on a Mac the location is different.

On a PC, the C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData folder is hidden by default. If you go to your C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\ folder and enter the AppData manually in the address bar, it will open the folder. From there on you should see each folder normally.

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FOR MAC: This is how I find mine on my Mac

1. Under 'Finder', hit the 'Go' button on the top.

2. Go all the way down to 'Go To Folder'

3. Enter /Users/YOUR_NAME/Library/Application Support/

4. Once inside application support, find the folder titled 'unity.Hinterland.The Long Dark

Quick note, if you're looking to use this for inventory / save editing, you will need the 'save001' and 'user001' in the same path for this to work, from my experience.

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