Game is unplayable if you have more than one monitor


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I'm running four monitors, three of which are in nvidia surround. Trying to play The Long Dark on the nvidia surround setup results in the FoV being way too low. Changing the resolution from 5760x1080 to 1920x1080 (One display in most games) makes the game stretch, still running on all three monitors, just lower res.

Tried disabling nvidia surround to see if that helped, it did not. Without nvidia surround the game looked like it was working properly, but as soon as I tried to turn my character the mouse cursor went off the game window and on to the other displays. It seems "fullscreen" doesn't actually mean fullscreen in this game.

Also the framerate was extremely low, like 20-30. I realize it's early access and all, but I'm running a GTX 780ti, you'd think I'd get decent framerates.

Anyway, game is unplayable for multi-monitor setups.

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