First playthrough feedback :


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So.. I like it. With a few caveats.

1 - No melee : deal breaker for me. If I have a hatchet you're darn right I'm going to swing it at that wolf that tries to eat me instead of running like a girl / hiding by a fire. But being that it's an alpha I'm sure I'm not the only person that has mentioned this ( I'd hope )

2 - No clear directions on how to do certain things in the game ( drink for example. melted and boiled all kinds of snow. No idea how to drink it )

3 - I sprained my ankle for no reason ( no fall, no slips , nothing bad ) was walking along and I had one. Not sure why?

4 - Random noises - some of them don't belong or they sound like they are out of place. ( footsteps for example , are they actual footsteps - not my own - but someone else? )

First go at it i survived 16 hours. Couldn't figure out how to drink so I just /exited to go find answers and found none on the wiki :|

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