Hello from the Shetland Isles!


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Hey everyone,

I saw some videos on YouTube about a month ago, it's all Jacksepticeye's fault I think... And paid for Steam early access, which I got today, woohoo!

Of course I was working, but I just had my first play, chose the female character, don't know if that makes any difference? I managed to last for 4 days, 13 hours and 19 minutes, before starving in my sleep! How long did you survive one your first play?

Seriously atmospheric, didn't have much problems with wolves, saw a couple, and heard one howl, which put the willies up me!

Anyway, top marks, gold star and a chocolate starfish to Hinterland, for a really enjoyable game.

Time to eat, sleep and rehydrate before heading out into the bush once more!

Later, KG

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