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I've played about 4 and half hours of TLD now, and there were some things I think could add to the game. I don't want to sound like an asshole or anything, these are just suggestions, and I fully understand that the game has a balance that some of these could break. With that said, here are some things that I think could be cool:

- It'd be nice if you could use weapons on the wolves such as the Hunting Knife or Hatchet

- I'm really not sure how to do this one, but it'd be cool if wolf attacks weren't so QTE esq. I guess I'd just prefer to have the some other system of fighting a wolf off, or at least key rebinding as an option because it hurts to mash left-click. I'd personally like to press Space instead of Left-Click to build power as Space currently isn't used.

- Jumping, I think jumping would be cool. However, I'm pretty conflicted on this one because I feel like jumping could be immersion shattering if the player decided to hop around like a bunny, but then they'd be going out of their way to ruin their immersion. I think jumping could be really nice as there are some scenarios where you have to walk around something you could easily jump over. An example would be a fallen log or the like.

- Full First Person Perspective would really add to the immersion. I think this could clash with the minimalist approach, but I do think it would enhance immersion. The full perspective would entail being able to see your legs, and hands around objects. I think it'd also enhance the injury system too as you could see your character take painkillers/antibiotics/apply bandages. However, I can see why this shouldn't be included because of the minimalism angle on things

- Torches would be a great addition, especially as a tool to fend off wolves. You could swipe the torch around to send them back.

- It'd be nice if buildings would not have load times to get into them, and instead doors you can open and shut. Think the Forestry Lookout.

Well, that's the end of my (hopefully not too unbearable to read) list. I do have one question, however. When the second sandbox area is available, will it be connected to the first one? I think that'd be really nice to have all the areas fully connected to one another, rather than sections that you select via menu. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope I'm not coming off as a whiny jerk because I really love this game, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

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There are some good ideas here:

1. I agree, the combat system could use some work. As it stands, life and death is way too predictable when you are attacked. Above 50% you are safe; below and you are screwed.

2. Nobody jumps around like a retarded bunny, so I agree, jumping could be immersion breaking. Maybe implement a vaulting/scaling system. Kind of a combination of the interactive movement in BF4 and COD Ghosts where you shimmy over short obstacles. Make this action a calorie burner. Would it be worth it to scale that cliff and burn a ton a calories in the process? Decisions, decisions.

3. As I mentioned in another post, full first person perspective combined with an interactive head movement system like in ARMA with the ALT key would be incredibly immersive.

4. Load times are always immersion killing. I'm OK with putting up with it in large locations such as the dam, but buildings like the trappers lodge and the camping office should be open like the Forestry Lookout.

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I have missed the jump function a few times when I have got stuck and jumping probably would have helped. It would be easy to discourage people from overusing it. Just increase the risk of injury, so you need to think carefully whether it is worth the risk to jump.

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