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My ideas probably sound grandiose, but this would be a game changer. My vision for this game in the future would be to have a fully functioning cycle of seasons, full with changes in weather and terrain. Imagine, you start out in the dead of winter, and you are able to survive 30 days. All of a sudden the snow starts to melt more and more each day. New kinds of wildlife, both hunter and prey wake from hibernation. It would be the ultimate survival game. This would also tie in with the idea of a geomagnetic disaster. Severe fluctuation in weather conditions, both high and low would be common. Game devs, this is gold!

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Yep, it's already part of the future plans. All your dreams of the earth shattering apocalypse are coming true! :D

Ah, but are the seasons their own seperate sandbox/story, or does the sandbox evolve and change over time? If it is the former, I suppose I will have to make do. If it is the later, then my dreams will be coming true.

Spring: Forage, Hunt, Plant

Summer: Forage, Hunt, Tend

Fall: Forage, Hunt, Harvest, Prepare Supplies/Stockpile

Winter: Forage, Hunt, Manage Supplies, Hope Everything Lasts Long Enough to See Another Spring

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