Starvation fix suggestion


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In my opinion, starvation should be something really hard to die of(in itself), since in real life actually starving to death takes a lot longer than couple of hours/days.

Instead of being hungry ticking off your HP, being hungry should make you freeze/fatigue faster and more susceptible to infections. So in a way eating would be something that if you want to maximize your cold/fatigue resistance for some long and hard trek, you better get a good meal first. But if you arent doing anything too hard today, skipping a meal or two should be fine.

This would add another layer of depth into the game. The question of keeping the calories high(Better survivability) or low(save food) would always be a constant thing to think about

Your hunger level could also affect how fast your injuries heal while resting.

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plus the body goes through a helluva lot trying to avoid hypothermia... gotta remember, this isn't a casual winter day in the city -- it can be exhausting just doing simple things (especially since you aren't exactly equipped with high end survival gear (no Walmarts way out in the wilderness)

Rob can probably attest to how nasty it can get, even with all his amazing gear

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