Just a bug I saw with containers.


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I hate to have my first post be a bug post but alas it is :/

Well diving right into it, I noticed when selecting a container to use as a storage device that the tag would get stuck on First Aid. I'm not sure if it's just First Aid or it can be others but that's what I came across. It was fixed by simply exiting and reloading the game but I'm not sure if it would persist in any other situations.

On a happy note, I'm in love! Seriously! This is awesome and I haven't come across something this engrossing in awhile so from the bottom of my imaginary woodsman heart, thank you guys & gals.

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I apologize, I did not do my due diligence.

Camp Lodge near mystery lake. I cleared out the upstairs dresser drawers and decide to re-use them as a storage device. When I interacted to try and place something inside the drawer it only allowed me to view my First-Aid items. My inventory, however, was able to go through every drop down list with no problems.

It hasn't re occurred as of yet and it was solved with a simple exit and reload.

Just wanted to bring it up in case it had made it's way into another facet of the game.

Windows 8 64bit


8gb ram

i5-3330 3ghz

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