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i just bought the game on steam, im very in to survival and scavenge and building games, this looked like a nice one so i hope i can play and give my feedback a bit....

the biggest issue i got with the game so far is that there is no key bindings.. as im in a country that uses azerty , its not realy fun to play .... for sure when you dont even know what keys are used.. i managed to figure it out as i played, still...

the TAB page as i will call it for now, is nice but would be more usefull if you could acces food and drinks so you can see your bars and not have to switch every time to the "I" inventory i take it? page...

als its pretty well hidden for repairing and scavagin .. i trew the first peaces of cloths away not wanting to keep to much extra weight, discovering i could "scavange" it in to peaces to repair other stuff... small loss, still would have been nice to know... its not like mine craft or 7 days to die, where you get a pretty good visual on what is realy craftable and what you need for it.

pots and pans, canteens and other containers............. might be nice to go outside with a pot or pan and scoop up some snow or ice to melt on the stove to get drinkable water? maybe even coffee to prolengthen your fatigue?

and plastic bottles you find could be usefull to have empty to gather water again from different sources?

last but not least... just one more note i got , and this is realy personal more then game flaw maybe. but walking is slow...running is slow.... if you would change the running speed to the normal walking pace.... that would be a huge improvement.. i mean... its zzzZZZZZzzzzzsloooowwwww.

thanks you and i hope you find something usefull in my comment, i be gaming and posting along some more if you like my feedback.

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You can melt and boil water. Just make a fire and when you've got it going, click it to see what you can do.

yes i found that out a bit later , also how to cook food... like i said above, tutorial would be nice |or i am just that stupid| what ever it may be, im sure ill post some other things that i find out later how to, just by playing some more..

thank you anyway for your comment, it might be usefull for the next player that hasnt gone till the fire part yet :)

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I agree with the walking pace, it does seem a bit slow, though it isn't an issue in Sandbox, since the map isn't very big; once you know shortcuts its quick to get around.

I still haven't figured out how people are crafting. Crafting table has showed 'Not available in Alpha' since I got the game, so I've discarded cloth/metal/broken anything immediately to save weight.

The water idea is smart too: it'd be nice to be able to refill any portable bottle at Mystery Lake since the fishing holes are there -- I can't think of any other non-frozen water in the game though.

I'm also kind of surprised you can't do anything with the tanks at the Logging Camp. Refilling oil/gas/accelerant from there would be a nice option.

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I've discarded cloth/metal/broken anything immediately to save weight.

You can use that material to "REPAIR" items. You can also "HARVEST" some items

I haven't seen the Repair option (does that come up when an item is selected? Along with Wear/Use and Drop), and as I said, each time I click the crafting table it says no, so I haven't bothered Harvesting anything.

Its sounding like you can craft things without the table?

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If you press TAB, your survival screen is shown. Repair and harvest are on this screen (even if you don't have the tools to repair something).

Also, you might want to press F1 and take a look at all the controls. You may find some functions you didn't know existed.

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