Question and idea: start a fire without tinder


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Hello everyone,

1st post here.


Great concept & great realisation, even for an Alpha, keep going and keep going smoothly -- not too fast, not too slow...

@Devs & Players:

Question though: how do I start a fire without tinder?

Maybe I missed something but it seems I can't.

What doesn't make sense is that I have:

1. Fuel (for my storm lantern)

2. Some wood and a knife

For me the logic would be to combine the shavings of the wood I would have made with the help of the knife, add a little fuel as accelerant and start a fire (and start it will with all that, believe me).

Is this something which can be done and I didn't find the right way to do it?

Or it isn't implemented and it would make sense to do so...?

Thank you for your input and all the best!

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Just to add a bit to what robdoar said, at this time Tinder is required as well as starter, Matches, Fire Striker, or Magnifying Glass. Accelerant is optional which can found as Lighter Fluid. The Knife is currently only implemented for harvesting carcass and the Storm Lantern fuel only works in the Storm Lantern. This might change in the future but currently this is how the game has been constructed, partly for simplicity but also to drive game mechanics. Definitely a good idea and totally doable "in real life"

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