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First of all: wow! Better than expected.

1) I like the new streamlined, squared UI. Howevver a bit of color and less flatten bars will be awesome.

2) Sound is amazing

3) Performance: I have an i5 760 2,88 Ghz quad core, 4 gb ram, Nvidia GTX 460 1 gb vram. Resolution 1280x1024

FOV: maxed

Ultra: 20-30 fps outside but gpu use at 90% (raise heat)

High: 30-40 fps utside but gpu use at 79% (raise heat)

Medium: 35-50 fps outside, gpu at 25% - 50%. Over 100 fps in interiors. Fps drop to 15 watching active stove.

Vsync needed.

For me the game is totally playable. Even at 30-40 fps, no lag at all.

obviously waiting for performance imporvements.

4) holding a flare and tring to search a cupboard, can cause expecially in dark area to accidentally ignite the flare. Maybe evalutate to change "ignite" function to RMB.

Still cannot express opinions on items variety / wildlife / general gameplay because I played only 49 real life minutes.

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