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Unable to in any way, user name cannot be edited but also the gender does not save. I save it, says done and when I come back its still unspecified. I dont mind being unspecified its just its made all the decisions for me :/ Fight the system man

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Its just habit, 20 years of forums have me stuck in "Must not use real name" mode lol screw it

Yeah, I can't really tell if I want to or not.

I think when you get down to it, those instincts are a little unfounded. Some creeper doesn't need to find you online and then search for you in person. They can do that to literally anyone. Why start online? Except to find vulnerabilities perhaps. I dunno.

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So does this work for everyone now? We've had some emails from people asking if they can change their User Name, suggesting they aren't able to, so just want to know if it's working properly now.

Username, yes.

Gender, no.

When you change your gender, it seems to revert back to "Unspecified" when you leave the Edit view, since when you press "Edit profile" again -- it's back to "Unspecified"

Not really a problem, but if you intend to use the info at a later date, you might want to fix it early :)

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