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To Raphael and his awesome team at Hinterland Studios: !

Some useful changes I think would help the game immensely:

1. If possible, code the leaderboard so it doesn't update as a player dies, but as a player goes to sleep and a game is saved. You could do a leaderboard check command. If greater than current rank, update rank, if lower than current rank, leave rank alone.

That would help a lot because long gameplay sessions often take multiple days and it's nice to see your name moving along.

2. The inventory system is hard at times to scroll through. I'd suggest if possible, have a small box that functions as an add on to the inventory system and works like a GUI. Essentially it would be square boxes, and each box would be filled with the picture of an item.

This would take work as all 100 or so items would need to be visually represented in some form.

I like this because sometimes instead of scrolling, I'd like clicking on an object that I know i want, and I'll instinctively memorize what objects are visually represented as over time.

3. Can you give us more ways to defend ourselves from wolves? This may backfire if it makes the game too easy, so this is a hard one to balance.


Finally I just had a question. Was The long dark meant to allow players to live indefinitely or do we all have to die at some point? If we were meant to last indefinitely we need more ways to get bullets, knives, matches, and clothes.

That's all I have for now. Thank you guys and gals again for making an excellent game and for giving me the honor of playing the Alpha :)


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