How Many Remember the Good Old Days?

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Anyone remember the era of BBSing?

I use to run a BBS back in the late 1980's to 1995. I got back into it back in 2011, and still have one running (not up 24 hours, it's only up when I am in the mood to putter around), and I thought hey why not share the experience with those who may never have visited one before.

If you want to take a ride back in time then look at his link.

Have Fun!

Also, if you are interested in running your own, visit the links below...

Synchronet BBS Software:

Terminal Resources:

My Video I made showing you how to set one up...

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This were my first steps with any sort of networking too. Well first came something called Videotext here, which my parents used mostly for banking but it had a modem connected to a line. It didn't take me long to find a booklet with different BBS numbers I could phone and I'll never forget the first time someone called "SysOp" talked to me ;) My main drive was software though, games in particular. The BBS we used the most had tons of shareware to download, it was paradise :D

But it was only a brief time, about a year later the internet arrived in Switzerland and I never looked back again ;)

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I always lamented being a bit too young for the golden age of BBSes in the late 80s.

It's ok, I missed WWII and it pisses me off. I would have been one of the "devils in baggy pants". The best I could do was to join them later,

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