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[325] The bear challenge

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(may contain Spoilers)
Hi there
I just finished the bear challenge
I think the challenges idea is an amazing  and neat way to experience the sandbox. 
And I really liked this one.
I liked the sound of that bear around me all the time, very scary and engaging at the same time.

Now, I think this could have been a bit harder.
From my understanding, all loots seem to be more scarce, but they could have been probably even more rare, to really push you to move all the time, and never have something to rely on until you get to the trapper's homestead.
Also, at some point, things become a bit predictable: 
Each time you enter somewhere or pass time, the bear seems to respawn not far from you. The side effect is that if you exit a building, see the bear, re-enter the building, then exit again, the bear is elsewhere.

The start is really great. Being attacked right away, having to deal with a very low amount of life and stuff is kind of fun (and a bit scary). 
The new sleep mechanism fits well with this: since it's now impossible to heal at 100% in one row,  this add a new feeling of insecurity at start since we can't stay there for a long time.
However, after a little while, things get better, and this is probably what I kinda regret a bit. I missed some other events that could have maintained the real insecure feeling.
Now that I think of, I saw only one wolf, is that intended? 

The end was a bit disappointing. I really wanted to kill that bear, but the challenge stopped before! Damn! ^^

Other than that, great update.
The gfx are better each time, the sound is amazing (specially the one when we walk in the snow this is exactly *that* sound). The new footprints are also amazing, really.
I like the new item wheel and the quick status view, the sleep mecanism seems ok, and since I never hibernate, I don't fear the cabin fever ;)

I still think it's a bit overpowered to be able to heal a sprain instantly, this should definitely require some sleep, imho.


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