[v.325] boots crafting bug

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Hey Hinterland,

I stumbled on a bug when crafting deerskin boots in short stints.  Location: Camp Office, ML. OS: Windows 10.

I had all the needed materials.  My character was tired, but I wanted to get started before going to bed, so I crafted for 2 hours:


Then I slept as long I could and continued crafting for another 4 hours:


I then quenched my thirst and ate before crafting for another 4 hours.  The result was:


Not enough materials to finish crafting.  I quit and reloaded the save.  The result reproduced itself 3 times.  Never encountered this problem before.

EDIT: I went back later and tried crafting the remaining 10.5 hours in two stints instead of three.  That worked.

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It takes 20 hours to craft boots/pants with a tackle (not sewing kit). If you craft with a hook hourly - hook expires after 10 hours of craft. But you can craft boots or pants in one go with a hook. This way you can use 1 hook instead of 2.

Yes, during that sewing madness session you will suffer from boredom, hunger, dehydration, desalinisation and sleep deprivation, but who cares, you saved one tackle, yay!

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