Hello! Suggestions/Qs on hunting, clothes, visuals!


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Hi all, this is my first post and I'm eagerly anticipating playing the game Monday night! I'm even getting a brand new rig soon, so I can't wait to play this bad boy on that new system!

I have some questions about the game and I guess some future suggestions for the game that I think would be cool. Here goes!

1. I recently discovered that the British military makes all their uniforms out of wool. Why? Because when wool gets wet, it will still keep your body warm, whereas something like cotton would actually lower your body temperature if the clothing got wet. Is this level of detail in clothing in the game? Is it planned? Will certain materials just be more beneficial if you can find them?

2. I've always, always thought it REALLY weird that in this day and age, when a game is locked in 1st person that when I look down at my own body I see nothing. I can't seem my legs, arms, torso, etc. Is there any chance this could be put into the game? For me at least, I find games like these LESS immersive when I'm just a 'floating head' with no body. Oh... and mirrors? Don't get me started. I may even end up getting an Occulus Rift to complement this game... lemme see my body!!

3. By extension. I know that we are playing a specific, named character... but will there be any sort of player creation?

4. An idea I had for hunting/gathering. Getting meat from an animal you've shot has always been the same. IE press a button, you get meat. Well... why don't we switch that up? Why don't we make some sort of cool, little interactive game where you actually CUT the animal open, remove the guts, then cut the body into sections (rump, leg, breast, etc). You'd also require a hunting knife for this. Perhaps you could take a few cues from Surgeon Simulator in terms of how to approach it?

I have an idea where you 'zoom' into a focused view of the carcass in front of you (like you're kneeling at it), and the right and left analog sticks would be your arms (only in this 'zoomed' view), and the triggers would act as your hands, pulling, grabbing, and inserting the knife, then using the corresponding analog stick to pull away limbs, mimic cutting motions, cradle and dump the guts.

Also, there are concerns with the time dilation. I mean, prepping the carcass in a mini game like this would take real world time, maybe longer than it should when you factor in the sped up time, so - if necessary - have the time pass in real time? slower sped up time? Time paused?

I can't wait to play this come Monday. I'm so proud to support some good ol' Canadian boys, and I wish you guys all the success in the world!

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