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I watched this on Netflix streaming a couple of weeks ago, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The film follows a group of survivors in Germany after the Earth has gone through massive global warming. Note the film is voiced in German with subtitles.

The movie made me think of the parallels to The Long Dark, as a lot of the same basic survival challenges exist in both scenarios.

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"hell" is really great. the poster you've posted, @Alan [Hinterland] is a bit misdirecting with it's "advertising" headline to catch more viewers i guess... emmerich is only producer here (thank god), what makes it even more awesome is the fact that it's actually a directorial debut (by young and talented tim fehlbaum)!

roland emmerich was so amazed by his talent and supported him a lot on this project (with connections and money ofc! you can tell, not everyones film student debut runs in almost every big cinema of the city when it's released). ;)

without spoiling too much, even telltale games borrowed some unique elements from the movie for their "walking dead" game series. :)"hell" really inspired the genre and is a beautifully told, thrilling story with some great scenes and pictures - the score is awesome too (at the german academy awards it won for best music too i think).

i am really glad for the movie, since i am from germany too and there are not that many good movies coming from here.

trivia: the german word "hell" means "bright, clear, pale, light, blazing" because of the unyielding sun in the movie, but it's also the "hell" of course. ;)

"frozen" sounds interesting too, have to look at it when i have the time. :)

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Just finished watching Hell, it was a good movie, I'm kinda surprised by the low rating on IMDB. My wife couldn't watch it with me as she is dyslexic and hates subtitle movies since sometimes the text is not on screen long enough for her to read it.

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