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Music Ques at specific moments.

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I think that the ingame music should be qued at certain moments.


Like if you are in a cave and your lantern goes out the cave ambience will play.

Or right as your character says night is coming or something along those lines.

When you come across a dead corpse like in the derailment.

When you discover a major location (interior) like Trapper's Cabin.

When you wake up in major locations like Trapper's Cabin.


You get it. More music and better times to have it play.

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I know the guitar string plays when you're outside and the clock hits 2 hours of daylight left. And if I'm not mistaken music comes on when you discover certain locations. It's just vey ambient stuff so it's not in your face. I like it a lot, but agree. Maybe a little more wouldn't hurt. 

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