Read a book, dont burn it!


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Would like to be able to read a book as well as using them as fuel for the fire.  Seem to me that it shouldn't be too much of a challenge of being able to open and read a book in game in order to pass time during periods of inclement weather.  Given the design teams professional backgrounds I know they have the skill set to make this happen, i guess the biggest challenge or most time consuming task would be all the handpainted textures that would be required for each book and its pages in order to be able to continue that immersive quality.  To that end, I would be happy if they just put a colored filter over an old copy of a sports magazine or newspaper or coffee table picture book for that matter.  

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I know that some people just dont like to burn books... and im ok with that
But if i need to survive, i have to take decisions and for now... there is no mental afflictions
I dont like to burn books too, but i do what is best if i need it... 

if Hinterland is going to put books in the game... put different kind of them...
for example... a book about Erich Fromm (was a German social psychologist, psychoanalyst,sociologist, humanistic philosopher ) ?
im going to burn it ASAP and take care about any sticks that i have :v 

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