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Survival isn't fast paced nor can we just look at somthing and magically know its condition so here what I'm suggesting.

maybe at the very least on stalker mode take away the items condition % and add in a item view/inspection

This way its not just right in your face but you really need to check out your gear before leaving on your next adventure..

take the knife for instance

you can rotate the knife a full 360 and check out the blade.. You clearly can see that the blade is flat or dinged slightly ( 30 - 40 % ).. You then take out your whetstone sharpen it up and inspect it again.. The blade has more of an edge and those dings have been filled off ( 70 - 90 % )

those % are just thrown out there atm to show what I mean obviously the system would need to be refined. But this system can be applied to everything including clothing and food.

seeing a rip or tear in your coat is self explanatory

on a can of food look for the expiry date. Now I know there is not a in game calendar but if we where made aware of the exact day we crashed that would also be fixed aswell. Take the date we crashed + days survived and that would = how close/passed the cans expiry date.

In my opinion just doing somthing as simple as this would jack up the difficulty yet again without having to introduce new weather effects/animals and would not just add an artificial way of wasting our precious in game time like fast forwarding through time while cooking, and it would really force people to be more aware of what they do have and what's needed. ( of course it would be a programing/art nightmare )

I also think it would also make our time more valuable, time prepping v.s time exploring v.s time survived. And it could also possibly take away from some of the monotony of a 200 day run by padding the time spent doing nothing with somthing that still impacts our gaming experience.

thanks for reading!

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While idea could be interesting, it may be a bit 2 much of micromanagement, not to mention need to make a lot of new textures and models for all already exiting items. Otherwise it will look even worse than current system: broken broken broken broken *bam* fine.

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I would not like having to go through each and every item to know it's condition. While it's true that IRL you would not know an item's exact condition just by looking at it, items don't degrade that fast either IRL and an item doesn't just disappear when it's degraded. If I'm wearing a jacket and that jacket is degrading, I know it way before it disintegrates. You know the 'condition' of your gear by just using it, you don't have to inspect everything to figure that out.

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