I'm a Fan of Survivorman TV Show..This game is just like it.


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Hey all.

I have always been a fan of the T.V show called Survivorman (he is Canadian by the way). I often wondered how I could survive if given the chance too, and I have that chance.

You might think I am talking out of my bum here, but I'm not. Watching videos, or watching Survivorman really can't prepare you when you do finally play this Simulator.

PVE'ers out there, if you want real unforgiving survivorman situations, this is the beast to buy, you won't regret it.

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Love that show. Watched them all just a couple of weeks ago.

This game is unforgiving, but in its current form it is not necessarily unforgiving in a "survivor simulator" style. Looking forward to seeing the future development, but I hope some changes to the style of surviving are made.

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