Frost breath effect - needs rework.


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Minor visual annoyance that could use improvement:

The "frost breath" effect renders on the center my screen. As I turn my head, so does the breath effect.

Yes, it is a subtle effect, but it does throw off spatial immersion once the player becomes consciously aware of this (sorry if I spoiled it for some of you guys). 

Anyway, It should be rendered as vectored (origin: head) particle effect in the 3d world, not on my 2d UI. Or allow me the option to turn it off?

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I suggested a long time ago that the avatar's breath should hang in the air and move with the breeze. So if there is only a very slight breeze, we could see in which direction it is going, since the breath would move along with it and slowly dissolve. This could be very useful if smell was turned into a bigger factor for hunting (eg if animals would smell the player from afar if they are downwind and just move out of his/her way). Which I would also wish for.

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