I want a SLED


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Hello all,

It would be nice to be able to craft sliding objects such as a sled. It would allow us to carry more things with less energy consumption (when pulling on a flat surface).
With a sled and a cured gut to attach it to your hip, you could get anywhere with all your stuff. I always have to leave so much behind because I cannot carry it all. It's frustrating ! ;)

Anyone agrees?

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The sled has been a very much requested mode of transportation! See also Sledge and Toboggan in the Wishlist Search.

I think you would need reclaimed wood or a tree limb or some boards. Currently all we can do with boards is break them down but if we could pick them up into inventory, they could be taken to the work bench. You could make a sledge using just boards with some type of fastener such as screws and a rope or cordage. Lacking screws, you would use sinews (or the ersatz gut sinews) or cordage to bind it together. You would need a saw or hatchet to shape the runners and a tool kit (with drill) to make holes for the lashing and the tow rope.

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On 22 mars 2016 at 0:14 AM, Mikeloeven said:

Yes it would be amazing to be able to load a entire carcas onto a sled and than bring the animal into a barn or something where you wont suffer as much exposure while harvesting it

I agree too, carcasses (big or not big) should be movable at some point. The rabbits for example.


On 25 mars 2016 at 3:53 PM, SEAplane said:

I used to think I wanted one too, but now I like what the lack of one brings to the distances.  The one place I really wish I had a sled involves climbing so I don't see that working out so well for me.  ;)

Totally feel what you mean. It's something that would change the balance of the game in some ways. If they decide to do it, they would have to think a lot about how much power it gives you over mother nature!


43 minutes ago, hauteecolerider said:

I don't want a sled unless I have dogs to pull it . . . :big_smile:

Aha, you lazy survivor ! ;)

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Yup, I'm lazy - which is why I don't have dogs! They need to be walked multiple times a day, they need to be fed (which means in TLD I'd have to hunt for them as well as myself), and the best sled dogs are the noisiest ones! Especially at feeding and harnessing time! So no dogs for me, though I love their personalities and their loyalty.

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