wanna real challenge ? Try Compote Trophy !!


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Compote Trophy's Rules : :

Do not use Riffle

Do not use Hacksaw

Do not use Smithy

Do not use Prepared Food (like energy bars, canned food and soda)  except Coffee and Tea.

Do not cook Raw Meat

On Stalker Mode, of course..

Start on Pleasant Valley or on TimberWolf Mountain.


Good Game ;-)

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You might want to reconsider what the main theme or objective of this challenge is.  From a quick look, it seems like it's to survive off eating only raw meat, which will lead to frequent bouts of food poisoning.  That isn't fun IRL or in game, so this sounds more like endured torture rather than challenging.

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don't eat cooked fish too..  cheater :P

why this challenge ??  because stalker mode is still too easy..

it's not torture, it is just challenge, to optimize all fauna and flora can bring you.., and optimize meal and rest hours

In this challenge, your days are numbered..     You will live until you consume your last mushroom, and your last cat tail..    that's all

So, are you sure about all of them have found ? 


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