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10 minutes ago, exeexe said:

it says in the game in the menu if you keep your game up2date

Yes I do realise that thank you. the reason I ask is I often visit the forum more often than I fire up Steam or games. Therefore a quick glance at forum would tell me if a new update is out. Then again maybe they plan to NOT release a lot of updates in near future so no point.

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13 hours ago, Bethany Williams said:

Thanks for the request. We're certainly planning on sharing new updates as stickied announcements in the future. For now, our most recent version is v.302 (Hotfix).


Hope the day is going great for you and everyone at Hinterland!

Is a version update going to be released soon (month of April)?

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"Soon" is a rather relative term though. Outside the building I work at there is a restaurant that was closed and some new owner was remodeling the place before opening a new restaurant. They had large signs hanging on the building that said "... opening here soon!". Those signs hung there for over a year...

So I'm hoping your definition of soon is different ;)

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