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Good question. I'm sure I had. But all I mean by that is that instead of quitting out of the game completely, I just hit escape to pause the game and then close the laptop screen. When I restart the game again, Often, but not always, I see wolves that are covered by a black box. Attached is a screen shot of the black box I'm talking about. Obviously, this isn't the image from my above story, but it is a fair representation of the box covering a wolf. I've seen this frequently, going back months. I have never complained about it before, because as I mentioned, it often alerts me to wolves far before I would normally see them. I figured it was a glitch, but it was a glitch I usually appreciated.

This time, however, the black box wasn't moving, and it was right on the ice, as though the wolf it was laying there blocking was already dead. (I've seen that happen many times in the past as well, so it appeared "Normal" to me.) Turns out, that was wrong. The wolf walked down the slope on the right side of the river access as you enter it from mystery lake. Otherwise, It was as I described it. I was in the process of moving my gear from Camp Office to Coastal Highway. It was my last load, so I was definitely overloaded, maybe 90lbs/45kg. Other than that, I had a full belly, was fully hydrated, well rested (I had just woke up less than an hour before) the weather was actually clear for once, and I was at 100% condition. It was a perfect, beautiful day for traveling. Right up until that wolf attack. The attack itself was surprising, but started out like any other. I only knew there was a problem when I was mashing the hell out of the mouse button, and the attack progress bar never moved. I had resigned myself to waiting out the attack, but renewed my efforts when my condition continued to drop far, far past where I expected it to fall. All the way to zero. I'm not really sure what else I can tell you, but if you have more questions I sure will try.


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