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When I first played the game, I got lost often.  I had to learn old explorer techniques in order to get my bearings.

The obvious: Sunrise East, Sunset West - North/South inferred.

It's best not to get caught outside at night, but if you have a clear sky, I discovered there is a North Star:


The shiny spot roughly in the middle is the North Star.  To find it, it's best to do so before you need it (there are a couple that are similar and misleading), and reorient every time you move to a new map.  If you know the relative North/South due to the sunrise/sunset position, go outside at on a clear night, look up, and find the Little Dipper.

Hanzel and Gretel: Pickup sticks and drop "arrow" markers for yourself.  I do this inside of caves.  I drop 2 sticks and then arrange them to point me in directions to the exit.  In this way, I can navigate through quickly.

Spent flares: Don't throw away those expired flares!  They are unmistakable markers that can help you find your way back to safety in case of heavy fog/blizzard.

River Highways: Follow rivers and orient landmarks relative to them.  Then use them as highways to familiar places when you get lost.

What navigation tips do you have?

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I've gotten to know most maps to a point where I hardly ever get lost even in a blizzard. I do still use dropped items (sticks) to mark important trails. That way I can always follow a trail to safety if need be. I mainly used the sun to navigate before I really got to know the maps.

Nice find about that north star! I'm definitely going to look for that next time I play.

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