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No joke. Considering I'm as far as you get from a thrill seeker, it's amusing to me that I'm enjoying this game so much.  I do enjoy hiking and camping, and I'm a Colorado native.  I lived several years in the Pacific Nothwest and hiked/ camped all over Washington and British Columbia, so I guess this is nostalgic.

However, I never ran from murderous bears and wolves. :P 

So what would TLD fans be nicknamed? Darkies?  Fluffies? :D

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On 3/17/2016 at 8:59 AM, illanthropist said:

You've got the likes of:


Trekkies and Warsies (erm no, that doesn't translate too well)




Ringers for the Tolkien fans and not dodgy car salesman!

On a side note, is it a little sad that I should know all these pop-culture references...

I myself am both a Trekker (I've heard "Trekkie" is derogatory") and a big fan of Star Wars.
But, I don't know what a Whovian, Warsie, Gleek, or Potterhead is ...though I'm guessing fan of Harry Potter for the last.
Gleek sounds like the way Japanese people say "Greek" and "twi-hard" sounds like Elmer Fudd saying "Try hard!"

Ringer sounds like something sexual the military folks around here talk about ....and that's all I'll say about that:P

As a fan of the Long Dark, I call myself is a "post-apocalyptic survival game fan." 

But personally I think that short nick-names are just for lazy people :P 




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57 minutes ago, illanthropist said:

Dr Who fan, Star Wars, Glee (tv musical show)  and yes Harry Potter

Sounds like a British slang thing :P

I just call myself a Star Wars Geek.  Or sometimes "Jedi wana-be." ;)

I guess for being a fan of this game I could call myself a "Long Dark Man." However, I think some folks might get the wrong idea9_9

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