More colder interiors... And new heat sources


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My favorite part about Timberwolf Mountain is the cabin, it's COLD inside! It really adds a nice extra dimension to survival. It got me wishing for more interiors like it.

That does bring up an issue, if every interior was colder, should they all have a place to build a fire? (I think the small cabins should have a stove, but that's just me.) 

Any interior without heat would be a deathtrap, places like the radio shack, the trailers, etc etc would become pretty much off limits. Here's my idea, any interior without a wood stove etc, would have a small kerosene heater, like this one:  The amount of kerosene in it would vary with game modes, but it should have at least enough to thaw you out and keep you alive for a few more hours.

What do you guys think?

Maybe this could be a stalker only feature...


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Actually, I've noticed that once I have a full fur outfit, I don't get cold so easily, either, regardless of what map I'm in. 

Coastal Highway, Pleasant Valley and Mystery Lake are the areas I've thoroughly explored, and with the fur clothing, I've had no problem staying out in any but the worst weather. In fact, when I stick my nose out the door in the mornings, visibility is the criteria I use to decide my day's plans. Good? Let's go exploring, check those rabbit snares, find some large limbs to chop up, maybe a hunt or two . . . Bad? Stick close to home, craft up what I've got curing, patch/repair items in my inventory or in storage.

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Dying in sleep from cold is the least attractive feature in this game so I would prefer less of it not more.

-1 from me to colder areas,

However if patching up a house mechanics is added to make a place more insulated from the cold  then by all means + 1 to colder areas.     

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