Ability to drag breakable objects (carcasses, branch limbs, etc..)


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For a while I've wished in certain situations that it would be possible to drag objects that you'd normally be able to break down or harvest from. This would be useful in situations where you kill an animal, but need to bring it closer to a fire you have going, or if you want to drag tree limbs closer towards your base before harvesting them. Maybe the drag function would be similar to sprinting and climbing, where you'd have a stamina bar and you'd only be able to drag something so far before you need to stop and rest. Of course, the stamina bar would deplete faster for heavier objects (carcasses, tree limbs,) but slower for objects that weigh less, like chairs or wooden crates.

(This function would only be for static objects, of course, because we can already move things like firewood and animal pelts :P)

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