Alternative to spear, a Hockey Stick?

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I have been reading through the forum a bit and have noticed a few people suggesting a spear. My initial thought was it sounds awesome and realistic, but then people began talking about it making the game easy being able to defend yourself from wolves and hunting rabbits and I immediately agreed. So my thought was, how to have a non lethal version fro a little more balance... a Hockey Stick would work great. 

With a Hockey Stick, you could keep a wolf at bay, but not actually do serious damage to it. If you swing it enough and maybe hit the wolf once or twice, you could cause it to run off. It would be of little use against a Bear, and you couldn't really hunt with it (unless you hit a Rabbit with a slapshot, that might work lol). If you tried to slash a deer over the head with it, you would probably break it. So it would be a logical deterrent against a wolf, but not make the game that much easier. 

I have also heard people wanting to add morale to the game, because in a real life survival situation, morale is very important. A hockey stick would also be a good morale booster. You could flatten a soup can for a puck, and have a few animations of the character playing around and shooting the puck. You could only do this indoors, and it would take an hour of time and increase your morale. You could even add a small storyline to it, where the first time you played around you would whiff or throw some weak wristers against a wall, and then after a few practice sessions you're flipping the puck in the air and stick handling between your legs and hitting a water bottle off a shelf celebrating that Game 7 OT goal. Come on... it's every hockey fans dream to do that... and it would be an awesome animation.

All in all, a Hockey Stick would be a great addition to the game. You could find only one on every map, in a house or fishing hut. It would be another deterrent like a Flare, and could act as a morale booster. To help balance it, you could make it lose 5% condition if you hit a wolf with it, and it can't be repaired. 

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Maybe people are confusing street hockey with that huge spectator sport of professional hockey! That game is played from the comfort of one's couch.:winky:

Actually it's common knowledge that Canadians spend a lot of time wintering in igloos and hunting seals and polar bears. We drink beer and call each other hosers, eh? Ha ha! Good old Bob and Doug!

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