Wolves get stuck when running away


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Whenever wolves are running away from me after I throw a flare or shoot them and then they happen to run into an object, they get stuck to that object.  They'll run in place for about a minute and then drop dead.  This does not happen if they run away freely into the open.

Attached are two screenshots of stuck wolves.

EDIT: actually it just happened with a wolf that didn't run into anything (last image)


screen_(434, 40, 578)_40366d58-c310-461a-9020-a68fe70144c9.png

screen_(1, -154, -41)_bf138f66-2140-4613-afae-13ac101eeed1.png

screen_(983, 32, 477)_36e5dcf0-3401-4bc0-8dad-4d4838619b12.png

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6 minutes ago, Support said:

Thanks for reporting these. I will get these over to the team to take a look at. We have made improvements to how the Wolves path find, so these are good test locations to run against the fix. 

Are you still monitoring these then?  Gotta handful of screenshots from wolves deer and rabbits doing the same recently.

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