G'day from the land Down Under !!!


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Hi one and all to the new TLD ~ The Long Dark forums.

This post is to say hello and also a test. Im TattooedMac from Australia with 10yrs in there Aust Army ~ Cavalry/Armoured Corps and have been on a very extensive and hard survival course and then went on to instruct and part with my knowledge to those that were to say the least, City Slickers. 1 young kid, had never ever changed a tyre on a car, but he knew how to drink his own piss after i finished with him lol

VERY NICE @Bill_Tarling . . . . I'll be back later this arvo to check it out more :geek: :cry: :? 8-) :idea:

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I'm honored to be part of the top-secret pancake task force alpha!

:lol: I love that title... (PTFA for short)

And I'll definitely be needing help along the way -- been so long since I used phpbb [i installed over 120 useful mods manually into my old board, and site ran like a charm]. This weekend has been a major crash course study review to figure it all out again.

At least once we get a live version online for everyone, activity should really grow fast -- I'm like you guys, and found the Vanilla board just too boring and awkward so I hardly post anymore.

Really happy Raph noticed and agreed a change was needed :)

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