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  2. I'm genuinely surprised how often this same conversation has to take place... I've checked over the forums, and this general topic seems to resurrect at a minimum of every three weeks. I imagine that must be exhausting for the team, to have to be constantly repeating themselves.
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  4. Please don’t try to use formatting tricks to draw attention to your question.
  5. Clothing items (and maybe some other items as well, I'm not sure) change their appearance based on their condition. Have you ever considered adding this feature to more items? I think that it would be nice to see the condition of food items for example, because as it currently is, you have to wait a few seconds before seeing if the food item is safe to eat.
  6. I actually use this a lot, and it really works, not for a one-shot kill, but to ensure that it runs away from me and not to me. I now make it my practice to get behind the bear and shoot its rear. So far 100% of the time the bear runs away fatally wounded. I have now stopped even trying for one-shot kills. -G
  7. @Jolan Did you try to harvest it?
  8. Has a similar idea for wolf and bear encounters. The smell-o-meter should be expanded upon; great idea. @UpUpAway95 What people do for clicks on utube seems boundless. The botulism is a real threat and clearly this people have not fully expanded upon the topic. To be clear I am no expert on this topic but the fact i am very aware of is that some toxins cannot be detected by smell or taste alone. The beef from the 1899 ration had to be like eating a boiled leather shoe; the tasty dinner shoe served with a side of laces shown in the olde tyme picture shows.
  9. I used to do the exact same thing... But man, it took so much time. Eventually I just got tired dropping and redropping items. While at the moment, I'm not really too invested in keeping my living space overly neat, I do agree that the mountaineers hut just has too little container storage. A trunk, a few more metal boxes and a weapon rack would be nice. Also, it would be better if the first aid kit were to be moved to the shelf or the workbench.
  10. Hello! What is your vision of Hinterland in 5 years from now?
  11. Step 1 - Enter harvesting UI Step 2 - Select 0.5 kg meat Step 3 - Click the harvest button Step 4 - Halt action by pressing the esc button when the ring indicator moves by 72 degrees/20%
  12. Part 7-B is done.

  13. Part 7-B: Boredom About a week had past and still no sign of this storm ending. I gotten quite bored during this time. There's only so many times you can read over the ranger reports and brochures advertising the park before you can remember them front to back without even thinking about it. I got to thinking what plan B would be if my supplies run out, and I got very few ideas. The only other place to go from here would be to go to place called Broken Railroad. Broken Railroad lies just beyond Forlorn Muskeg and inside the region lies some sort of hunting lodge, good place for it considering the region is a good spot for hunting thanks to it's dense wildlife. If hunkering down here doesn't work than that place is my last option.
  14. Part 7-A of Within The Storm is done. 7-B will be out shortly.

  15. Part 7-A: Wait It Out After I healed from my leg injury I make my way home late at night when the storm dissipates. Then after unloading and getting a good nights rest I head back to the bunker to grab the rest of the supplies to stock up the office. I look over all the canned goods, MRE's, fish, and leftover venison. I should have more than enough to wait this storm out. I take one last step outside, i'm going to be trapping myself indoors for some time so I want one last good look at the lake and everything else. I remember back to a few weeks ago, how did this happen? When will this blizzard end? Only time will tell but i'm safe now, hopefully...
  16. With the can of prunes pressured up like it was, I would be concerned about botulism bacteria having been active in the can at one time. ETA: Then I watched the first video and the first can he opens is also clearly bulging (pressured up with gas). That he says it's probably been punctured is a clearly indication to be that he knows nothing about botulism and how it can affect goods that were canned improperly. This lack of knowledge in producing such a video concerns me... Botulism is a toxin that is produced by an anaerobic bacteria (i.e. a bacteria that thrives in a no-oxygen environment). It cannot be smelled or tasted and is highly toxic. Boiling for longer than 10 minutes can make the food safe by breaking down the toxin, but it is safer to just thrown the can away and boil any foods in "good" cans for the 10 minutes anyways... because it's likely the entire batch was not properly canned (i.e. not brought to a high enough temperature to have killed the bacteria in the first place).
  17. IRL, if a bear on the trail is showing interest in you, a recommended strategy is to just drop your backpack as you retreat so that the bear stops to investigate it. You are very unlikely to return to reclaim your backpack, so your steak and anything else you're carrying in that backpack would simply be gone. In this game, however, you can also eat the steaks you carry down to bitty bites simply by cancelling the eating animation before the timing circle reaches full and then carry them to be used as decoys. I trust you're not trying to carry an entire moose in the form of steaks on your back anyways..
  18. Maybe the ingame smelliness meter for the character could be expanded to give an indication on the state of goods that are in questionable condition. Certainly a can of peaches that has had something happen to it would smell pretty suspicious upon opening.
  19. That's a nice piece of weirdness. I personally enjoy staying out of reach so they'll ignore me and then killing them as they stop to howl. "Shut up, you filthy mutt!"
  20. " Who else has hit 1000? Love to hear about it if you did. " I lit 1032 fires in a 1001 day Voyager game. I have deleted quite a few games so I guess I must have lit in the order of 2,500 fires, that would be in normal play at the Voyager to Stalker level. In Stalker games I try to avoid starting fires to save matches. I am sure that there will be some Pilgrim players who have spent much time just lighting a row of fires to boost their count of fires lit. Here is a record from my journal. As I said, many games I have played are not included in these results.
  21. I think its part of the game that mother nature is claiming its fair share of your belongings. And in an emergency, you will most likely give anything away to be able to tell the story in the first place! Also, what Doc Feral said!
  22. Wait, what's that, Santa's village? And then I remember I still had some grudge against the guy in a Coke costume. We all got the wrong present one time or another.
  23. Well, there are so many possible solutions that I don't think it's worth complaining about it. When you harvest meat you usually have decimals. Like your average 1.1 kg rabbit. Select all, deselect till only 0.1 remains and that's it. It works with bigger animals too. You can use the same method to make mincemeat of something to practice cooking or have multiple small pieces to use as decoy. Canceling the harvesting action also works to give even smaller pieces. Or if you eat a steak and it's too much you'll have leftovers. Or you can cancel halfway when harvesting meat. Dropping decoys is a hasty action to avoid trouble, so I don't think it would be fitting to choose a steak from the backpack, cut off a tiny bit, drop it on the ground, put the rest away and move on. Grab something fleshy, get rid of it and take cover.
  24. 1000 Fires! This one right here, number 1000! I never thought I would be playing this game long enough to have ever attained this achievement. This isn't just going out and throwing stones at bunnies til you hit one, but you gotta work hard and long to get this feat unlocked. I had pretty much given up on the idea long ago. Think about all those matches, tinder and sticks that it takes to start a fire. then multiply that by 1000. Yeah, right? So how long did it take me to reach 1000? I purchased TLD thru Steam in early August of 2015, at that time my version would have been V.257 and I don't recall this feature being part of the achievements or merit badges available in the game at that time. So from whatever date the counter started from, it took a good long while in real time to become a Fire Master. (close up) Checking my Steam stats, I've logged 1723 hours playing The Long Dark so if I did the math right, I've been averaging about 3 fires lit for every two hours of game play. Either way another couple of months and it would almost be 4 years to the day. Wow, never thought I would be playing the same game 4 years later and still loving every minute when I do. Who else has hit 1000? Love to hear about it if you did. Please feel free to comment. Your feedback is greatly encouraged and appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  25. Hi guys ! So, Why should i drop my 1125 Kcal moose meat as a decoy? I want to just drop 0.1 kg of it. And there is no option for doing it.
  26. A lot of people may have been asking for this for a quite some now, but it couldn’t hurt if the dev team can make the game on console to be enhanced on the Pro and X, since they have offer 4K resolution and HDR. So I’m thinking that it should be added to the options menu under display settings to enable which resolution, Framerate and enable HDR which is supported on which console platform that you own, just a little suggestion.
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