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  2. I made it back to the Community Hall easily enough. I am still kicking myself for loosing my well fed buff, but at the end of the day I'll probably spend the better part of three game days getting everything organized and setup for my return after all my mapping tasks are completed. I think after I'm done mending them, I'll leave my back up clothing out on the floor near one of the beds. I figure at least this way if I'm gone for a very long time I won't have to worry about it ruining in a container... Once I have my gear and supplies organized I'll head out to Coastal Highway via the Abandond Mine (Cinder Hills Coal Mine). As per usual I will only leave with only my "bare essentials kit."
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  4. This topic comes up often enough that I have this file on my desktop ready to go lol. A while ago I used the lakes and waterways as indicators for how to rotate and resize the regional maps, and very crudely (MS Paint) overlaid them over the world map. One interesting thing to note is that when you transition from Forlorn Muskeg to Mystery lake, you have a paradox. This is best tested early in the morning when the sun is low in the Eastern sky, you can tell that the Forlorn Muskeg map is laid out correctly. However when entering Mystery Lake, the sun is now 180 degrees behind you, indicating that down on the regional map is actually East, and up is West. However its orientation on the world map indicates the opposite.
  5. About the only way you could get around time dilation is to have accelerated actions only affect that one player. So in the case of a hypothetical multiplayer TLD, if you sleep for 6 hours, you would wake up and the sun wouldn't have budged an inch. However you would have spent calories and recovered fatigue as if you had slept 6 hours. Immersion breaking, but in terms of mechanics, doable. This would have some exploit potential, such as being able to harvest an entire moose in the warmest part of the day. However the nights would be brutal, as there is no way to pass the time. So you'd either have to wait out the night in real-time (which would suck), or you'd need some system where all players have to agree on accelerated time passage. So yeah again, doable, but inherently janky.
  6. Blizzard fast feat.m4v Here you have a demo
  7. If you are looking for a shortcut, use story mode, because you can save in the moment you want you could create a loop of actions. Start in some point that could be useful, for example in the middle of a blizzard, with a lot of wood and accelarant, with 10 snares or with a lot of cups of coffee. Save in that point (Save 1). Then make the actions (light the fires, past time in blizzard, catch the rabbits or drink coffee). After finishing that actions save in a new save file (Save 2). Next, load the initial save spot (Save 1), repeat the actions, and make a new save (overwrite Save 2). You can get all this 4 feats in just a couple of hours.
  8. Nope revolver only. I guess stones too since you can throw while aiming, or throw without aiming.
  9. I've found that map orientation *when compared to the "world" map does have ...inconsistencies. I've mentioned it before so I will just echo it here.
  10. Just finish the story mode before it.
  11. Do you live in America? and yes I am a TRUTHER, why? because it's the truth! I live here! I am NOT stupid... don't wanna talk to me? don't care - but I won't let you dog on other Countries when ALL Countries have their own skeletons. No Country is any better than the other.
  12. So I finally found the time to play my first survival game after the Errant Pilgrim update dropped, and set up a Custom mode game with my usual settings - i.e. mostly Stalker default settings with a few tweaks here and there for my personal preferences, none of which involve wildlife or wolves (aside from turning down the clothing damage modifier from "low" to none.) I spawned in Mountain Town and noted that while wolf behavior had definitely been tweaked from what I'd known, Milton was still Milton; i.e. wolves under every other snowbank. It wasn't until I escaped Wolftown, population Yes, and hustled to the Mystery Lake camp office that I noticed something seemed... awry. As in "the wolf I just stabbed died out on the lake, and as I try to go out there to collect him, I see FOUR other wolves all visible patrolling the lake." Four. I tried to visit the rabbit area across the railroad tracks and instead met a fifth. I remember raising an eyebrow when I saw what the Stalker default settings were for wolf spawns when setting up the game, but I assumed I'd simply had a lapse in memory on that count. Now, I am not so sure. Has Stalker's default wolf spawns been turned up to balance out the Revolver being added to the game? Am I expected to blaze away with the Revolver far more often than my TLD instincts, honed in the rifle-only, pre-ammo-spawn-increase-tweak days are comfortable with? Or is there another way to deal with the wolves? They don't react to bait the way they used to, nor fires (they seem to stand at bay from a campfire now, instead of alternately spooking/running then re-approaching,) so maybe there's further behavior tweaks I haven't encountered yet. Perhaps torches more reliably hold them off than they used to? I don't know. Given the average damage a wolf inflicts in Stalker's default mode is surprisingly moderate (esp. if you're rested,) it's starting to feel like I've entered the Wolf Thunderdome, where stripping naked and struggle-knifing several wolves in a row is the new normal. This seems unusual. Please tell me what the "New Normal" is because I've got a sneaking suspicion that I'm missing something.
  13. Am i wrong or is the map not oriented north? I mean up on the map doesn't seem to be north.
  14. What does 9/11 have to do with this? We're talking about the CPC. If you're a 9/11 Truther and you're not going to be rational, it's end of discussion, sorry. I'm not going there.
  15. Ours is BAD, the thing is... most of ours is under the rug... hidden so to speak, wheras their's is more in the open. That's why I won't dog Russia, China, or anyone else because I know my own Government is just as bad... possibly even more wicked and vile and conniving. EDIT: I LOVE my Country, I love America, but I hate what my Government has and will continue to do. The innocent lives they have shed to further their luciferian agenda disgusts me to the core.
  16. Not hypocritical at all - the sins of various American governments are vast and profound, as anyone who's read A People's History of the United States, or followed any news of the last 40 years, Vietnam, Iraq, read any Chomsky (if you can stand him). America is a troubled place. But that is small potatoes compared to the CPC, in terms of badness and threat to humanity. Mao's numbers alone should be proof of that.
  17. How about the 3,000+ dead in the Twin Towers of NYC? nah...
  18. That actually is something... more than what my own American Government is doing right now. My own Government was trying to tell commoners like myself that we don't need masks because they don't work, but yet in the same breathe they were telling us to leave them to the doctors and nurses. Here's the thing, if masks don't help than how come our Government wanted us to hand them over to the doctors and nurses? so clearly they've lied about that, and other things. At least China is actually trying to help us by offering to send us masks, over here they don't want us to have any unless you are one of the elite. Look I may not like everything China does to their people, but let's not be hypocritical here... other Countries have their skeletons in the closet so to speak. For instance the American Government has dogged out China for the One Child Policy which is cruel yes... but at the same time abortion continues here which makes us hypocrites. We have dogged them out for doing stuff to their prisoners, yet we have given our own men in the Army LSD while subjecting them to MK Ultra Mind Control (if you don't believe me look it up it's declassified information). For instance most Americans are anti Russia as well talking about how Putin assassinates, and how he rigs the Elections... yet we do the EXACT same here, we make people believe they have a choice with the left-right paradigm but it's ALL an illusion. Oh and our own American Government has assassinated people for centuries to get what they want, it happens EVERYWHERE. Every Country claims to be the best, but we are ALL being lied to and controlled... and that's the truth. I could go on and on... so let's not be hypocritical.
  19. Can you fire the rifle from the hip now? Haven't played in a bit but last I checked you have to be aiming tos hoot the rifle.
  20. Yea I usually only do co - op over mmo's, I can't stand playing with trolls... sadly for any multiplayer game there's a chance for ppl trying to ruin ones fun.
  21. 1. Unlike Green Hell Long Dark world is pretty much more dead and abadoned. So it probably would not fit the atmosphere. 2. Also its a lot of work. See point 4. 3. Impossible task to cooperate time handling/skipping due actions. How you skip time due sleeping when your bro is awake? Same with AI, or location handling. 4. Their engine is pretty bare bone version, without any multiplayer extensions. They use carefully modded engine with basic elements for one player. Hardcoded and designed for one player experience. 5. And i dont want trollers and griefers in this game. So thank you but i rather die alone than watching memes. And hell no for PVP deathmatches with bows, revolvers on SMLEs. Or battle royale. 6. Lack of servers, HL wont burn money for server room handling those sessions. 7. I dont have any friends to play with. Its so nice.
  22. Oh, go ahead and judge jeff. The very very last thing the world should be concerned with is offending the Communist Party of China at this point. CCP should be apologizing to everyone for its behaviour and existence. Ask the brave Hong Kong students. Ask the 1 million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other Muslims estimated to be held in heavily guarded internment camps. Ask the two Canadians illegally detained. Ask the millions of ordinary Chinese who have to live in the police state with no human rights. Hey let's talk Fentanyl. No? Ok how about money laundering? No again? Currency manipulation? Intellectual Property theft? No, don't want to talk about that. How about the 4000 dead in Tiananmen Square? No again I assume. So then, how about the high end estimate of 77 million dead in the Mao's "Great Leap Forward" ? Guess that's a non-starter too. But hey they're shipping masks around now, so that's something.
  23. I got them just by playing the game normally without really trying for any of the feats.
  24. Timberwolf Mountain has multiple bears. I've had to deal with up to four on the map. As for the others, each map from what I've seen has two different spawn chances for the bears. (Could be more depending on the map.) Just be super careful once you're around those areas.
  25. Green Hell is releasing 4 player Co-Op in a few days... it got me thinking I know HL has no plans to add Co-Op... but couldn't they? I mean if Green Hell is releasing it, why can't HL?
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