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  2. True, but if you kill a moose or bear you'll have enough meat to call it a stockpile, unless you allow it to go to waste, which I wouldn't. Same goes for wolves, if I kill one by struggle or to make an area safer I feel bad to just leave it to rot.
  3. I don't use snow shelters, but as far as using hides go, perhaps instead of a fixed number of hides in lieu of cloth, the alternate animal hide form of a snow shelter might require a certain weight of hides in lieu of cloth. For the sake of discussion, the weight of hides required to substitute has to be twice that of cloth required. So say one kilo of hides so that would equate to two deer hides or two wolf hides or one bear hide or one moose hide. As far as rabbit pelts go, perhaps twice that for rabbit pelts (e.g. twenty) since those are "small" and maybe add a few pieces of line (used only for fishing tackle) to tie the pelts together. How much is recovered depends on whether the hides are cured (50% chance) or uncured (0%). This would provide some cost to using animal hides for a snow shelter. Of course this would be a lot of work for Hinterland, but if they ever have "free" time , they might look at it.
  4. Woke up one morning to a world that looks like this: I just had to take snapshots of this. You can see the pictures slowly becoming brighter too as the day emerges.
  5. "Look! Back there in the trees! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SuperBearrr!"
  6. Personally, I don't stockpile. You're better off to at least explore all the main areas of the maps quickly since the prepared foods and clothing that spawned in those areas will, in effect, decay. As days go by, you'll encounter foods at lower condition generally and start to encounter ruined clothing in some containers. Hunt enough to keep yourself fed and to make a whatever clothing you find essential but keep exploring. There'll be lots of "lazy days" mid-game (usually around the 100-day mark) to hunt and stockpile meat.
  7. It looks lonely. I guess you're back to throwing stones for however long you can last on rabbits alone.
  8. You're doing a very good job describing this as a narrative and presenting a lotof nice screenshots.
  9. I wasn't remotely thinking about faster draw times, lol... i was thinking of more stuff to do, make and or craft so I'm not completely bored outta my skull when there's a raging blizzard going on outside that lasts for three days... if it were to so happen that in the process the draw time was improved, well yeah, okay I'm down with that too! I just thought it would make me look more stylish, or mountain man-esk sporting dual rabbit skin holsters while decked out in my deerskin boots, pants, rabbit skin gloves and hat, while wearing both my bear and wolf hide coats and moose hide satchel... i probably should have just asked for socks...
  10. Thank you. 😊 I also found the talking and playing at the same time tricky. It is easier when the screen is loading or once you've made a decision and are walking for example, but in micro management tasks I end to get thrown off mid sentence like when instead of wind blowing the fire out... I said something else blew it out. I have windows 10 and I'm using the xbox for recording. The choices were 60 and 30, which was set at 30. The capture was set to recommended (I think it was 720). Watching a video with lag is not as fun either hence the camera jerks. This is not visible in game, but in video the first few minutes have some kind of picture deterioration. I googled the problem and tried my best to fix it without any luck. do you know the quality settings and are recording to your fastest hard drive if you have multiple? I don't know this part. I'll be happy to record the continuation if someone is interested in the story, but I'm afraid at this moment the quality will be the same.
  11. I think you were a little harsh in your post, but at the same time the Sprain / Pain System is getting a lil funky...
  12. How has the new mapmaking technique been treating you guys?
  13. Haaah talking of losing immersion, wearing wool ear wraps protects a moosehide satchel from becoming wet. Because SCIENCE!!! Edit: But more on point with the actual thread here, the revolver already draws pretty quickly. The only way it could be improved is if you could fire at any point in the draw animation. Presently, the character draws the weapon, but you can't actually fire it until the "reload" and "put away" text appears on screen. This is only about 1 second, far faster than any other weapon, but still not instant enough to react to a wolf that pops around a tree a meter away. If a craftable, wearable holster would allow you to fire the weapon basically instantly, this is where it would shine. Beyond that...kind of not useful, sorry.
  14. Picnic, anyone? Just my field rations while I tear down the junk at the rural crossroads...but I mean talk about a nice picnic spot. I'd eat there IRL. Watching traffic go by, listen to the birds.
  15. Definitely the Weeping Angel wolf I recently discovered. When you don't watch it, it goes faster.... Teleporting Wolf.mp4
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  17. Yeah, I'd love third party perspective view... that's next on my wishlist, lol. Not sure i agree with your point about losing immersion perspective... I can't see the moose satchel yet i use and play it every chance i get and never get to see it... But your right, when modding comes along it will be game on for certain!
  18. I certainly like your shoulder rig and also would prefer a nice leather holster, but with the exception of the limited amount of "cured leather" in game the choices are extremely limited. I suggested the rabbit skins primarily due to the fact that they are already an in game item, we are already crafting multiple items with those same materials and the size and overall shape are already consistent with the currently available in game materials. No need for the development team to have to introduce new items as so many of the comments have pointed out. Basically they would just have to make a picture and maybe add an extra slot or two on the clothing screen. I want a two gun rig for my character... shooting wolves in hail of bullets...
  19. Thank you, MrsValkyrieCat. Nature, and how it changes through the seasons and years, always renews my interest in painting. In addition, The Long Dark has been a very compelling way to experience art from nature.
  20. That's my favorite sentence of today. 🙂 Thank you, barbiekait.
  21. For the good stuff, you may end up just having to plan on taking a dunk. If you prepare ahead of time, it's not so bad. Get a nice fire going in a fishing hut or something, drop your clothes before making a sprint, and if you see multiple items clustered together, just accept the dunking in order to grab them all at once. Most of the time that 5 seconds is enough grab most items and get back safely. I drop my clothes in a pile right before sprinting, so I have a very large, clear marker of where exactly I need to be headed to do a perfect 180. I've noticed the high value items, like saplings, do tend to be out past the point of no return. But a dunk or two ain't gonna kill ya. I think console players or gamepad users in general are at a disadvantage here, since they can't whip a 180 anywhere near as fast as a mouse user. So it takes them extra time to get headed back to thick ice.
  22. All "legitimate" ways had already been stated. And it's an irrelevant exploit if ever here was one, it basically gives the illusion of smoking meat.
  23. One time I shot a bear with an arrow and it started running off. After about an hour in-game chasing it, it started to run past me but bled out right next to me.
  24. Phase one, nearly complete I nearly broke my neck more than a few times, but I think I have Timberwolf Mountain nearly finished. I noticed today that I still have one little smudge near Echo Ravine (over by the engine)... I'm not thrilled about where it's located. I'm not sure about some of the edges though, is there anyone out there that can give me some pointers if I am missing anything? I know I don't really need to clear the whole map to get the achievement... it just feels like the right thing to do I'm not sure which region I'm going to relocate to next... maybe Desolation Point, and then work my way west until I have all of Great Bear mapped out. I'm on day 116, so it's been slow going. Now that I have some sound footing, I feel like it will start to go quicker.
  25. I posted mine just the other day : So this would be in the weird category, I guess...
  26. I make a longish-burning fire, mag lens preferred to save matches. Then strip my gal down, run out, grab the *whatever* is out there, run backwards to solid ice, head to the fire and redress. Takes a bit longer to warm back up if I took a swim, but it keeps my clothing and accessories all dry, and I have a fire too cook that 0% fish I might get lucky enough to find. Using a fishing hut is a good plan too, but not possible on Desolation Point.
  27. Any use for car batteries in the near future?
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