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  2. Ciaran 1 / Nights 7, 8 and 9 - That's one hell of a corner to be backed into I get up, and with my new found "plan", which, in all honestly, reads more like an elaborate excuse to kill myself, begin preparing and sorting out. I tear down a few curtains to restock on cloth, recycle my torches, and stash what I don't need for my travels. As the weather outside is audibly hostile I sleep a few more hours to be as rested as possible. Two hours later it's go time. Normal people stay at home when they see this. I get to the church freezing, but just a little, and evade a wolf by dodg
  3. Can't beat a good belly rub! Thanks for the link! Have heard about the alpha/ beta theory being wrong quite recently ( somewhere). When you're running in the dark with no weapons let's see who's the dominant one!! ( Not on pilgrim though) HELP!
  4. Only with the light off! They make readers that don't have glare why not tablets/ laptops etc! Anyway it's still light until gone 10 pm due to the unusually blue skies and mini heatwave we're having at the moment! ( Well for us it's hot anyway!28 c!)
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  6. Going there the first time there is enough coal for at least one forging session. There are crates in the broken down huts along the shore. And the cave nearby may have a little. For repeat visits it's problematic though.
  7. Anything that requires searching in the dark is an automatic no for me like Grey Mother's, could never do this without at least some greyish visibility. Most BR spawns are at the Muskeg exit. I would turn around and Spencer it, actually might Spencer even from the other end of the BR map. I don't recall, but there MIGHT be matches in the blue truck by the wagon, but I'm highly unsure. ML You spawn on Loper on the hill, if you go straight you'll run past the logging area to the blue trailers or to small hut that's near frozen pond if you go right. Muskeg is probably the easiest.
  8. And how marriages end.
  9. I've always thought that homes and trailers are warm because they have big propane tanks outside, and the warmth represents a nesting system being left on.
  10. Leeanda

    Dried meat

    Isn't beef jerky dried meat that's been sat on?😁 No insult intended! Could possibly smoke the fish though maybe in the ice huts?
  11. I really wish I could get rid of glare on my screen ! So many awesome pictures and I can't see half of them properly! My reflection spoils what truly is breathtaking scenery!
  12. First three points I’d say likely won’t go anywhere as they are balanced with the game mechanics. Realism to a point but valued as they are for a reason. At least you can mitigate most annoying features in a custom game. number 4 I do agree having a different mechanic to heat in homes would be nice. Some would warm up more than others if they have more sunlight on them for example or colder because they’re closer to water. Adding this into the temp would be nice. And I haven’t really noticed anything particularly annoying with wolf spawning. It is centered in spawning zones but I hav
  13. Ciaran 1 / Deliberations I. Since my alter ego is resting comfy in Grey Mother's warm bed I have time to consider a few things. I used to do these "strategizing" write ups back when doing the Sasquatch series, and I think some people actually enjoyed that. Plus, as with everything I write in English, for me it's always great practice. Please feel free to skip if you are not really the cerebral type and prefer raw Micheal Bay Style action. Exploding moose and shoot, you know. So, first: What can I really do to improve my attire? Despite the most obvious flaw every interlopi
  14. FM is always a pain to me. The bears are annoying there since you’re limited by the ice where you can walk. Been held up in the rail car a couple times waiting for a good shot. And yeah, making sure you have enough coal going there is a must. I would much rather go through CH to DP. Much better chance of finding more equipment and resources you’d want. Although, TWM has more than enough once you reach the summit, but still helps to have the chance for more to go in with.
  15. Haha - I like that. Maybe you can soothe your ethics by firing the flare gun onto the tip of a used (hand) flare! A bit tedious for sure and requires the (hand) flare in the first place, but maybe doable...
  16. Well I don't claim to know all fixed spawns of ignition in the game on Interloper 😉 I certainly don't. Isn't a thing on Interloper. Storm lanterns are rare loot, so they do spawn on Interloper, but they are fixed to the loot table. Unless you know your loot table you don't know where the lanterns are. And without light it's hard to know your loot table since a lot of "loot table loot" is at indoor location. No. This still works, at least to some extend, and it's a form of last resort I have used when in absolute dire straits in the past. But it is very tedious,
  17. I don't know whether you skipped them deliberately in your list above, but there are other means of obtaining light (and - see below - to search dark places) than mere matches. Most notable, since they can also light fires (for torches and further matches): flares (also the new blue marine flares or whatever they are called). Then the storm lantern (which you indeed mentioned for ML). More exotic: The flashlight. Not sure where to find those currently, as I have not been playing much for a long time. But I presume you will know. Something I never checked: Can you light a fire wi
  18. This is how challenges are born.
  19. So I booted up the Long Dark again for once of my twice yearly ? loper sessions. I can never go too long without it. There's ultimately just nothing out there quite like the Long Dark. Got tripped up by a few map changes! And eventually my run ended when I impatiently decided to try and directly attack a wolf. ;-) Bad move. Anyway, after dying I realized I had finally crossed the 400 hour mark. Wow. Outside of city builder type games, I think this is the only game I have played for this long in my steam library. So, marking this occasion I thought I'd share my wishlist for survivor mode.
  20. I pulled it out! Several reasons. 1. I wanted the knife! 2. It was the right thing to do! Morally! 3. To end his suffering! No matter who or what they are no- one deserves to die that slowly and i n pain!
  21. Here, have some real wisdom: Don't believe everything you read on the internet. (This one is actually originally from Abraham Lincoln, so kudos Abe!) While most stuff here is pretty good advice, some ... well ... might be misleading. But hey, opinions, you know. So here are mine: Don't play for day 100 (or 1000 or whatever). Play towards your next goal, try to improve your situation, not your wealth, use what you have to your advantage. There is no interest for riches you accumulate, and nobody will inherit them. You will die of something stupid or quit the game out of boredom befor
  22. I found this plaid shirt in my wardrobe and wondered if there was a building missing from mountain town.... clearly at some stage there was a clothing factory or at least a retail outlet 🤣
  23. Those are some good scritches, oh yes. I enjoyed watching that There was actually an interesting video on wolves made by anton:
  24. Way longer than that even. I don't have the numbers in front of me anymore but I had a run a couple years back where I harvested everything, including every piece of scrap cloth in the game. Curtains, towels, scarves hanging on hooks, chairs, etc. It was thousands, and I used on average one bandage per game month. So at that rate I would use approximately 6 pieces of cloth on bandages per year, meaning I would've had enough bandages for like 500 years worth of survival. And that's not including additional cloth acquired via beachcombing. Also this was before Ash Canyon and Bleak Inlet so that
  25. Something between your sleeping bag and the ground is key, like an air mattress, pad, or blanket as The Cabins Trapper suggested. It will be more comfortable because of the padding and warmth (without it the ground will make you cold and will not provide a good night's sleep). A towel for drying anything wet in the tent will add greatly to your comfort as it takes a long time to naturally dry water in the tent. Try to keep items from touching the sides of the tent as condensation will collect on the tent walls over night and will run down to meet anything touching the wall (and make it we
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