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  2. Are you playing WInter's Embrace or Survival mode? In Winter's Embrace there is even a floating Laptop screen on a table in Fishing Camp during Aurorae. You can not interact with it. And there is no Laptop at all during daytime. So if you are playing WE, seems that electric equipments are not workin too well...
  3. What in-game OCD habbit do you have? Mine is hunting 5 - 7 rabbits and skinning them, when ever I arrive in a new part of a map. And drie them. So, if I ever come back, I've good supply of skins to repair my mittens and hat. I also bring a few dried guts to new areas with me. And I do this, even now, in Winter's Embrace, although I know, that this "challnege" will end. And it would be better just keep hunting those Maple Syrup bottles.
  4. Signal fire was bottom right for me. Good to know that it can still move.
  5. I’ll have to disagree on that point, at least on my end. I’ve taken hundreds and haven’t experienced any diminished detail from game to screenshot. A dark foggy night in game is a dark foggy shot. Details are low in both, but not less in the screenshot. Perhaps on the kb / mb level there is a difference, but I’ve never felt let down by it.
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  7. The appearance of maple syrup on the floor, on a table, etc. seems to be random. Loot tables? That seems to be the same as when looking for a revolver or rifle. It's also the same for the safes, refrigerators, bodies, lockers, and backpacks you mentioned.
  8. I don’t see why not. Although you would probably never use it, I like the option still being there.
  9. Since I first killed the other two timberwolves at the Cannery, the pack has not respawned in months. The remaining wolf is always terrified of me. I have started to leave rabbit meat for her.
  10. I’m on a computer. I always use photoshop to bring up my screenshots. What you can see just fine when playing can lose a lot in a still photo.
  11. That seems fricky....that place has lights right? Despite the fact that I comment an okay amount on here I don't actually have too many hours in this game, relatively I guess, to other people on this forum. I only recently explored the broken railroad area for the first time for example.
  12. lol, i just scrolled back and look at your original post and turns out I could make things out pretty well much to my chagrin. however, I do like the lighting effect in the update version. the pics definitely give off more of an abandoned/ruined/forgotten post apocalyptic vibe. Still think that wolf is kinda smiling at ya!
  13. now you see him.... Now you don't! Where's Waldo?
  14. Are you guys on phones or using your computer monitors? The foggy shots of the broken structures look just like they did in game for me. The wolf shot is cropped to get a closer view, but otherwise unaltered. When my guy is fully rested, I usually head outside to see what's what and keep the cabin fever off. It's cool when visual range is low and you can hear things you can't see.
  15. this is what it looks like when the aurora give enough light to see and turns on the computer but you cant craft anything at the workbench or read a book. this time I'm in the main cabin at ML
  16. thanks, me too. I was able to make out that wolf though in the others but had no idea about the first two. what are you doing skulking around like that in the middle of the night? that wolf looks kinda like he knows you? "nice doggy..."
  17. Items placed in the world don't disappear when they hit 0%, that only happens when you put it into a container. It is quite possible to pick up a 0% item off the ground or a shelf or something, and in fact this has happened many many times during Winter's Embrace for me. Not with syrup specifically, but sardines, condensed milk, soda, cured leather, energy bars, etc. Save 'em for dinner, eat 'em before bed, pop some antibiotics and sleep it off.
  18. I had an idea that may sound a little crazy, but here it goes. When you get to revolver skill level 5, the ability to rapid fire a revolver becomes an option. If you don’t know what rapid firing is, it’s what the gunslingers do in old westerns where they continuously pull back the hammer and fire, firing all the rounds very fast. In order to rapid fire, you must have all 6 rounds in your revolver, it must be above 50% condition, and you must be still. When you rapid fire, you inaccurately fire all rounds which takes a good bit of durability away from your gun. If your firearm is below 50% condition, then their is a chance that the hammer will jam mid-way through firing, therefore not letting you fire all 6 bullets. The lower the condition, the higher the chance. Rapid firing would be used as a last resort effort to scatter a pack of timberwolves that was cornering you, but like I stated, it is VERY inaccurate, so hits aren’t guaranteed. This is a pretty crazy idea so tell me what you think about it.
  19. “Looks like I made it through another night.”
  20. I found 2 maple syrups on my Interloper run right after this event launched (my run started before). On my current Winter's Embrace run, I've explored almost the entire map, and I have only JUST now found my fourth syrup. I've had some suspicions for a while that I think may be confirmed. My first 2 syrups on my WE run were in Broken Railroad, but my third was found way on the opposite side of the map at the Farmhouse at Pleasant Valley Homestead. The one I just found was in Milton at the Paradise Farms house. Both of these last two found syrups were sitting on a shelf or counter. The one at the PV house was at 0% (on day 25), and the one at the PF house was at 1%. The first two syrups I found were in good condition, but these last two were almost completely decayed. (I gulped them down anyway, of course). We know that items at 0% that are dropped on the ground or found on a table, shelf, etc. do not disappear, but ones that are in containers, drawers, and corpses, etc. disappear once they reach 0%. Is it possible that maple syrup has an exceptionally fast decay rate, which is causing players difficulty finding them, especially in places where spawns are likely guaranteed? If so, it's one of the most unrealistic things in this game, considering natural maple syrup is one of the most shelf stable foods on the planet - second to honey, of course, which never spoils (only separates).
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  22. I just started playing the game again after a long break and thought I'd type this up as a fun exercise to generate discussion and maybe learn some new things. This will be for achieving a very long run. It might get long winded...If you don't want things spoiled read no further! Best start and route: for me personally a FM start with a hammer in BR is best. You get immediate access to guaranteed matches and a good clothing piece. You can pick up some coal and scrap metal on the way to the maintenance shed. For me BR is an extremely dangerous map with sometimes not much payoff, but it might have an elusive thermal or thin wool sweater. You can forge on day 1 and get the map out of the way. From here I make my way to ML, clear it, and go through the dam to PV. I hit the major loot hubs and check the downed plane before going to TWM. By now you should have a hacksaw and bedroll. I get some birch tea ready and loot the summit. Now I go to the town near thomson's crossing and to CH, then DP at some point. After building up at CH I loot the remaining maps. Best base: there are many viable loper bases. In my experience the major problem in late game loper is cabin fever above other things. CH garage (or nearby house) for me is the second best base. It has absolutely everything you need besides a cave to fight cabin fever (it has cars). Incredible amounts of coal nearby, close fishing huts, lots of hunting, workbench, bear/moose spawn very close. The garage is a great place to build up for the absolute end game. Craft your clothes, gather lots of wolf/bear/moose skins, level skills. With the right technique you can always avoid wolves there. Camp office is number one for me because with the warmest clothes and a bear bedroll you can fight cabin fever in a nearby cave without using matches. With how often blizzards hit in loper there's a decent chance cabin fever will hit during one. With good indoor/outdoor management it's a bit of a wash as to which is better. Probably CH with the abundance of coal. Best clothes: it depends what you're doing. Always have a wolf coat for the scare effect. The cause of death in late games is usually wolf attack so I wear a moose cloak with it. I know it's heavy as hell but it has great waterproof stat and defense. So.. Wool toque x 2, wolf coat, moose cloak, thin wool sweater x2, rabbit gloves, combat pants, deer pants on outside, thermals x2, wool socks (some don't wear socks on long runs), work boots. The mackinaw jacket is great, but I've never found one. Best wolf struggle tool: hammer. It's always my goal to survive the attack. Any thoughts?
  23. Listen to wolves and change your course accordingly. Most maps have alternative routes to get you through (though some have some diificult choke points, that is where you might want to use that precious flare) In order to avoid wolves, you can also travel into the blizzard with a couple hot drinks, but you'd better know your map 😉 Once you get a bow, things will change and you will become the hunter
  24. @J80H, good to know. I might just divert when I get up to Mountain Town after all. Thanks for the heads up!
  25. I just landed 4 or 5 rifle shots on the bear N of Mystery Lake. Still charging so I ducked in a cabin to sleep for an hour. Came out & he was still walking around outside. Had to quit for dinner but when I reloaded my save & exited the cabin... that time he was dead on the ice. Weird.
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