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  2. God damn cancel icon! tempted to start a new thread- 'screenshots I messed up by leaving the HUD in shot'.
  3. Forgive me if this was addressed already. I love playing VR and I love this game. I fantasize about being able to get lost in it with full vr immersion. I would accept semi-vr with just the headset acting as your head. I figure that would be much less complicated of a thing to do. But bruh imagine having to pull the bolt back on that rifle manually as that second wolf is charging you, and aim like ACTUALLY aim. Imagine just trudging through the snow, getting tired because you're actually standing IRL. Anyways. Make it happen so I can do a full play through that's streamed and cut into a proper series.
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  5. 100% restart now. I made this mistake, got all the way through Ep 3 on Pilgrim and it's stupidly easy.
  6. I recently re-installed The Long Dark after not playing for about a year, only to be met with loading screen freezes upon loading an old save and starting a new survival/challenge/wintermute game. I've verified game files integrity, run as administrator and re-installed.
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  8. Burns for 6 hours. Small amount of light and warmth. Perfect to place on the dashboard or on the crafting table. 🙂
  9. Covid ruins everything. or at least, the fear response to Covid ruins everything. only 3500 of the 260,000 who died of Covid in USA were under 40. So your risk is about as much as dying in a terrorist attack. But all these young people hiding in their homes like it’s the zombie apocalypse instead of a mild cold.
  10. ever been playing an Interloper game and can’t find some needed equipment? for reference, my current IL game is RLT3, so I found my magnifying glass behind the shelf in the camp office.
  11. Longest game so far is a stalker at 297 days. Honestly I’m bored with it. Did every zone and got all loot, and that’s not a backed up save it’s fluid, could lose it anytime I play. I don’t know how you’d back up a save on the PS4 anyway. Longest Interloper is 234 days. Also gets boring. nothing excites me like starting a new game!
  12. Also seems to work the other way around: Killed a wolf with an arrow once that was standing really close to the Dam fence and was growling at me (head seemed to be on my side of the fence). Never worked when it had a distance to the fence.
  13. mayimbe

    New Animals

    And to defend ourselves? Because since they removed the decoys I am not able to hit a wolf first without ending up in a fight
  14. Thank you for all your hard work! looking forward to December ❤️ 💚 💙 🖤 💛 💜 stay safe.
  15. I'm at 500 days now, normal Stalker. Main base is the Quonset Garage. I do the usual routine of saving calories by eating before sleep. The last 50 days or so I started saving on water as well. I basically skip the days in the car, behind the garage for anti cabin fever. As you can tell, I didn't even explore the world that much. Never stepped a foot in BI, TWM or HRV. Probably about 350-400 days were me skipping the days that car. Rest is killing the deer that respawns up the hill or the bear that roams around once a few days once I'm low on food. Not the best main base, but it's roomy inside to lay down the bounties. Still have hundreds of matches and 170 bullets. Haven't used the magnyfing glass or the bow. Got bored and stopped playing.
  16. Did you know: You can get frostbite the risk/affliction while Feels like Temperature (FLT) says you are warm, even completely warm? FLT refers to whole body temperature (the net of ambient air temp, windchill, clothing warmth/windchill resistance and any other source of warmth like a fire) while frostbite affects an (uncovered/unprotected) extremity and FLT does not apply (net of ambient air temp, windchill [I think], and any other source of warmth like a fire or a bedroll or bed). Other than the initial warning of the risk, the notification that the risk was dissipated, or the announcement that you now have frostbite the affliction, there is no way to know where you stand on the state of the risk (rising, falling, static) except by looking at the status screen (i.e. where things like sprains, etc. show up) . Even if you think you have taken care of the cause (e.g. found a covering for an extremity) until the frostbite risk is gone keep an eye on it and don't assume that everything is okay now.
  17. then how do you explain the broken bridge in DP. seems there would be no need for a road leading past Hibernia processing with a bridge crossing if the highway just ended in a dead end. There's gotta be something on the other side of that bridge, connecting the region to another part of the island? Or else why would the islander's have built a bridge crossing to no where? hmmm....
  18. Hi, I study forestry and because of that I’d love to see more types of trees in the game. I’m Dutch, so I don’t know a whole lot about trees in Canada, but currently find it a bit disappointing that there are only two types of matured tree. Birch and what I assume is both the cedar and fir trees using the same model (fully matured cedar trees aren’t common where I life, so I don’t know if they grow very differently from fir’s). There aren’t even any matured maple trees in the game! How could the tree whose leaf is on the flag be so poorly represented? I’d like to see some matured maple trees and maybe some oaks. Deciduous trees have very different growth patterns from conifer trees so I think their addition would make the game world look more dynamic.
  19. First off. Let me say that I'm the kind of person that doesn't believe balance is the be all end all of a singleplayer game. I don't think every item should be as important as the other. And I don't think some strategies being objectively better than others will ruin a game like the long dark. In my opinion, adding more animals is great as long as they are significantly different from the other animals. There are two animals in particular that I think would be great additions. Boar: Don’t let your opinion of domestic pigs fool you, the boar is a dangerous beast. Boars prefer running away, but if they are cornered they might charge and initiate a struggle with the player. A boar struggle is slightly less dangerous than a wolf struggle and just like a wolf struggle you can fight back. Boars will also run from predators, players in the path of a fleeing boar will be knocked down, suffering a sprain. Gameplay wise, the boar could serve as a somewhat dangerous prey animals that isn't a moose. I think the game kind of lacks an intermediate threat right now. Currently I find it a bit weird that there are so many predators but so little prey. Loot wise boar hides aren’t that useful. But they have good meat and plenty of guts on them. Cougar: A new apex predator. The cougar will serve as a dangerous late game threat. She’ll be very rare and elusive. Like the moose, if you want to hunt her you’ll have to look for scratch marks on trees where she sharpens her claws. Like bears you might find a cougar sleeping in a cave, and like wolves you might find a cougar feasting on a recent kill. But don’t think you’ll often be the one hunting her, she’ll challenge your position at the top of the food chain by hunting you. Cougars will actively stalk the player. The process will be very in-depth. The player will know that a cougar as begun stalking them when they wake up during the night to the sound of the cougars bloodcurdling screams. In the morning the play will find scratch marks surrounding their base. The stalking process will now begin. The player must avoid cramped passages and sharp corners where the cougar might ambush the player. The player must avoid sleeping outside without a fire or risk being awoken by sharp claws and teeth. Even caves and fishing huts aren’t safe. The player should also frequently look behind themselves for the cat might strike in the back. Gameplay wise the devs at Hinterland could save a lot of effort here while also making this stalking more tense by not actually spawning the cougar in during the stalking phase. If the player is prudent and never gives the cougar the opportunity to strike she might give up on stalking the player and leave them alone. Overconfident of desperate players will eventually be ambushed. During the ambush the cougar will actually spawn (either behind the player, around a corner or at the entrance of a cave that the player is sleeping in) and pounce. A cougar pounce leads to the most dangerous struggle in the game as while the player can fight back, losing it will always result in death (you're her next meal after all). Loot wise cougar hide could be used to craft a stealth robe that makes the player harder to detect. The meat is pretty bad, and there are few guts on the cougar. And lastly there are a couple of animals that I think would make a fun addition, though they probably wouldn’t be that impactful. I’d like to see some kind of bird that spends lots of time on the ground like a turkey or pheasant. I’m not actually Canadian so I don’t know what bird it would be or if they even exist. It’d be similar to a rabbit but rarer and harder to hunt. You wouldn’t be able to stone it like a rabbit. The bird would have some high quality meat but most important you’d be able to gather a large number of feathers from it that you could use to craft higher quality arrows that travel further. I’d like to see some kind of ferret of weasel. It’d be incredibly rare and would hunt rabbits. It would also steal dead rabbits from your snares. You could stone it like a rabbit, but if you catch it you’d have to initiate a mini struggle where it will claw and bite at you before you can finish it off which could give you a nasty infected bite wound and cause bleeding. It would have little meat and guts but from his hide you could make a very high quality hat and gloves
  20. I'm hoping for some regions/minor regions that connect the edges of the map. Maybe a major one that connects mountain town, pleasant valley, river valley and timberwolf. And perhaps a minor one that connects broken railroad and hused river valley. I don't see any way they could connect desolation point to anything new though. But that's fine since desolation point has a forge.
  21. Which console are you using? I’m on PS4 pro and about to be doing same task
  22. Did you know that you shiver when you're cold IRL too? That's the idea behind this. Basically, don't go hunting if you're freezing. Not freezing should be your number one priority in general since it's what will kill you the fastest.
  23. Yes I also got that feeling. It's so strange that feat progression is blocked on custom settings when it's available in the incredibly easy pilgrim mode. You could make a mega ultra death custom mode that is harder than interloper and not get any feat progression or you can play on pilgrim where you have to try to die and get all the feats you want. I just find the idea of limiting feat progression so weird. Even if someone could break it, so what? It's a single player game, it's not like they're going to ruin it for someone else.
  24. You have to click where it says with love and dedication so that you do not mistake
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