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  2. It seems to be another thing the TLD team got right - no one spot is quite perfect. I agree with much said above. You want to be able to have that fire out of the wind while watching the snow fall but you also want the security of a bed that's always hypothermia free. Both the look outs are a bit of a pain to venture in and out from. The Church is great but its in DP (maybe I need to cut DP some slack) and I feel just like @Pillock does about the TWM hut (but some players swear by it). The greatest feeling for me is the flight to safety before the coming storm. It might even be the moment those first few innocent flakes appear in the air.
  3. MRE is the colloquial term used by most English speakers when referring to packaged individual field rations. So technically Canadian MREs exist, as do British MREs, as do Japanese MREs, etc.
  4. I have been followed by a wolf and attacked in a cave a few times.
  5. If you wanted MRE's to be as realistic as possible, you'd have to remove them, since there's no such thing as a Canadian MRE. They're called IMP's here.
  6. The big advantage of opening the hood is you can see it from a distance.
  7. I never thought of dropping the visor, always thought that was redundant because you still had to get in and out of the vehicle in order to check it. might as well give it the once over all over again since your already inside... unless you can see the visor flipped down from the outside? i never looked that close. I always liked popping the hood but then i noticed most cars had a gas cap that you could pop open as well. that became my first choice for having/leaving evidence that i had already searched that car. Regardless, with the revolver update, i've been finding stuff in places and containers that I know that I have previously looted and it seems that even some lockers that required a pry bar and that i recall previously looting are now once again intact and with fresh goodies inside. havent had anything like the moderator describes either.
  8. This is not a question. Please put feature requests in the Wish List forum. Future posts like these will likely be removed.
  9. Personally, I prefer to have the high-calorie food item. Before birch bark tea came into the game, I might have been more on board for the tea benefit. More matches aren't really needed at lower difficulty levels and they aren't supposed to exist in Interloper. Finally, I usually wind up with far too many tinder items lying in piles all over the game world - like tinder plugs from chopping wood, cat tail heads, and last but certainly not least, all the various forms of newsprint. In this case, I think more would actually just translate to being less useful overall. It's nice to chow down on 1750 calories that only weighs 0.5 kg.
  10. I think you should add a walking stick. It can be crafted from 2 cured maple saplings and a cured gut. Its passive ability is to decrease the risk of sprains. But it could be upgraded to have a spike on the end for defense against wolfs OR it could have a torch on the top that can be lit with a match ect. to create light. An improvised version can be crafted from 6 sticks an 6 cloth using a sewing kit or fishing tackle. Of course it would weigh more and have less durability.
  11. Now that I've never had happen. Sounds like a bug to me. You empty a container, yet hovering your cursor over it again shows it's not empty. Weird!!!
  12. But why would there be metal detectors on Great Bear in the first place? They would need to add lore involving a rumor of buried treasure r something to make that even semi-plausible. No sandy tourist beaches or old battlefields on the island, so why would anyone there have one, let alone there being more than one on the island, still in working condition? Metal detectors are a bit too out of character with the current game lore and "plot", IMHO. Flashlights make sense, but I just can't wrap my head around why loggers, miners, and preppers would have metal detectors. And with the Story Mode and the "outsiders" lore, I can't imagine a treasure hunter showing up and digging up random spots would thrill the locals too much... though it could explain some of the bodies we keep finding.
  13. They would need to add a new mechanic/crafting recipe or 2, but it is doable. Animal fat (tallow- rendered) + lye made from hardwood ashes (we'd need to be able to burn birch and maple) soaked in cloth in potable water to make lye-water. Then cook the rendered fat and lye-water in a cooking pot to make the soap. Nevermind that you could never safely use the pot to cook food or make water in again. I mean, it is doable, but would really become a PITA to add to the game, and deal with in-game. So, they would need to add more soap as loot, and we would need to manage usage of it, like so many other things in the game. We find chocolate bars, granola bars and such in drawers, lockers and safes, why not soap? A lonely logger's obsessive hoarding habit? Now, finding Soft Scrub to remove the soap scum would be a bit more of a pain...
  14. ajb1978

    Lifelike MRE's

    Pretty simple one--MRE's in the game are great and all, but they're just a high calorie food item. They could be so much more than that! Instead of being just a 1750 calorie food item, how about this: Reduce the calories to 1000, but when you finish the MRE, 1 single uncooked serving of both coffee and tea are added to your inventory (to represent the coffee and powdered beverage), along with a tinder plug (the toilet paper), and a pack of cardboard matches. Just like a real MRE.
  15. ajb1978

    Getting dirty

    Well, I would be in favor of this, but I think it should be just a water-only bathing thing. Mainly because if soap is required, the pre-placed soap is going to run out. And we don't currently have the ingredients in the game to MAKE soap, and even if they did, something like lye isn't something you can just harvest in the forest. So bathing with soap is a fundamentally finite thing. As for washing clothes...I agree it's a little unrealistic to wear the same pair of underwear for 1000 days in a row, but the nuances of washing clothes...meeehhh that's a little far in the weeds. Besides being a major chore to wash clothes by hand, you then would have to let them dry. And how would you determine which clothes get washed? Probably something alongside the Repair and Harvest options... That's just too much IMO. Having to wash up to 16 separate clothing items...that's a lot of tedium, unless the stink builds up so slowly that you can get away with it on about the same timeframe as clothing repairs due to natural decay. Personal hygiene though, that has merits. Use 2L of water to bathe, and like @ThePancakeLady suggested, get a 24 hour "clean and fresh" buff where wildlife detection radius goes down by say 10%, letting you get just a smidge closer than normal. Also, maybe you get one free animal bite with zero infection risk. You get in a wolf struggle, that first bite carries no infection risk, but you immediately lose your Clean and Fresh buff due to...well..bleeding all over yourself.
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  17. Agreed... I think the generally accepted term for melting snow with body heat is: "Hypothermia"
  18. All I'm saying if they would have to change their programming of the crows... that's all. I think painting the arrow shaft is a simpler fix and it would make the arrow more visible. They could even make the paint slightly reflective. I never suggested it would make the game too easy. I do think adding in a metal detector would be a more complex solution and be less desireable based on the weight of such an item alone. Chances are, you're not going to have one on you whenever you're out hunting and you probably wouldn't even necessarily have one nearby whenever an aurora hits when you're near an area where you've recently be hunting. If they want, they can add. I'm not stopping them. I just know it'll be like the flashlight... another item I don't tend to use up carry weight to bother with... at best, for me, it would be another item that could be harvested for scrap metal to keep my hatcksaw or heavy hammer in great repair or to make more arrowheads.
  19. Would we end up having to wash our clothing and our person with cooking pots of hot water? I can't think of very many sources of running water... oh, perhaps we could use a washing machine when the aurora is out. Like I mentioned before I get what folks are saying and it makes sense, it really does, but it would have to implemented well. I trust the team, so if they do opt to implement something like this I'd be on board... or course. I'm still good with there being no such mechanic in the game and I wouldn't be one to try and push for it, but I am open to it...
  20. I haven't pushed thru HRV yet in my search, but I did find one in PV in the fishing hut on Pensive Pond. I found another in DP in a section of one of the joined trailers. I presume the revolver in HRV would be up by the signal fire? I found one in a car outside of the hunting lodge and another in a cave up the hill from Camp Office. So far 4 in total and still looking
  21. Since everyone here is disagreeing basically with me... I'll add this point - the proposal is that the penalty would diminish as your harvesting skill increases (which is usually the first skill to reach level 5 in most of my games). IF you don't wash your clothes before levelling up harvesting further, how would the penalty be reasonably affect. If it just goes away, then what's the need to laundering the clothing. If it doesn't go away, then chances are you're not really seeing the benefit of leveling up until AFTER the next time you're able to do laundry. What about lingering blood on clothing from each attack? Shouldn't there be something of an odor to that as well and shouldn't it get worse the more attacks you suffer through between washings?
  22. Yeah, I was getting pretty cold sitting out on that limb. I was gonna climb down and make a fire below me, but then I got curious if the fire would work in the tree and it much to my surprise it did! It just took off from there...
  23. I agree with @Doc Feral, @Moll, and @LostRealist. We have soap shown in the game. This idea has been brought up on the Steam forums a few times, and I supported having a "cleanliness" factor then, I still support it now. Especially as part of a larger Mental Health & Wellbeing system. Being able to clean your clothing and your body should raise your spirits, a simple tool to fight the isolation, and help reduce your detection range with predators and prey. Think of wearing unwashed socks for weeks on end. Not only would your feet stink, your clothing would be caked with "residues" that *should* make them decay faster. Something like the Well Fed mechanic, perhaps. If you are in a location that has soap in a soap dish, or if soap was made into an interactable item you could pick up and carry, you can boil a cooking pot of water, and wash. Not totally "realistic" to wash your entire loadout in 2L of water, and yourself, but we have lots of things in the game that are not IRL "realistic". 1 cooking pot full of potable water allows you to choose cleaning your character, or cleaning your clothes. Take the time to do both, get a 24 hour "Clean & Fresh" buff that slows decay on your clothing, and reduces your detection range, maybe? Yes, it would be another "micro-management" thing. You could choose to do it or not, no change from the current game if you choose not to, just a very temporary buff if you do decide to (add it to the Custom settings toolbox to toggle the mechanic on or off, just like Cabin Fever and Sprains can be). You can do it *only* after the snow is melted and the water is boiled, or only done if you "warm" already potable water. Clothing would need to be dried after washing, your character would need to be dried after washing (think wet hair, beard, skin., wet clothes... prone to hypothermia and/or frostbite if you don't get dry and go out into a blizzard...). Making it optional would hopefully save Hinterland from any outcry over *forcing* it on players who do not want to do it. Giving a buff to those who do it would make it feel *worthwhile* to them, perhaps. The same way you can play the game just fine without ever getting the Well Fed buff. It gives players another choice, with a risk/reward attached to it. It takes time, you have additional weight to carry for the soap, and you need a fire. You get to have your clothing last a little longer and have wolves detect you less easily for a day or two. Upvoted the idea. Hoping for a good discussion on how this might work, pro and cons. And honestly, I have been seeing people ask for a mode even tougher than vanilla Loper for some time now, and others who have said the game feels like it is being made "too easy" with the addition of the Revolver and Birch Bark Tea. Wouldn't mind seeing the game become a bit tougher again. It's not supposed to be "easy" to survive the Quiet Apocalypse.
  24. Just curious, what is the most water you have ever made in one place? I am going for the 3 day fire achievement and making water basically the whole time, already have about 100 liters in the Valley Cave in HRV.
  25. I think having a pair of skis would be cool because you could go down hills to get away from animals or to traverse the land quicker. You could also have it so that they wear down after awhile and need to be maintained like real skis.
  26. Poorly indeed, as I highly doubt that two layers of wool would make a significant difference when we're talking about a noise as loud as a gunshot. This could easily be ignored because a gunshot is hella loud, man. A good ring in the ears should always accompany them in TLD, I think. Just think about how hard they went on the sound effects with the headaches. Come to think of it, firing a gun indoors maybe should have a chance of giving you a headache.
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