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  2. To the left of the bear cave there's a lookout area looking down on the clearing near the the cave with the laptop. If you go further left, around the rock outcropping, if memory serves is an anchor rock for a mountaineering rope. I didn't have a rope at the time, being loaded up with food just in case i didnt make it down the steep slope before sunrise. I managed to avoid the bear but crouch walking around the rock out cropping and then duck walking down the steep cliff side by traversing left to right with a series of "controlled" falls until I reached the bottom, pretty bruised and sprained for certain! I hobbled as fast as my sprained limbs would allow straight away to the cave containing the lap top without further incident and with sufficient time remaining before day break and retrieved the final archive.
  3. Maybe, however as Raph mentions in Mailbag Dispatch #34:
  4. if it is good touch to have wolves in certain caves but. If you did not know that there could be wolves in interior caves and seek refuge in them you can take a good scare or death. But it is very good contribution.
  5. Two of the three deaths he spent too much time chasing around rabbits and deer when his first priority should be not dying from exposure. Survival priorities in order are (usually): Situational Awareness, First Aid, Exposure, Signaling, Water, and Food. In his defense, I don't think he equipped any of his clothing either since he still was freezing inside the blue truck in the barn. Also, books make pretty good tinder even though they're counted as fuel in this game. He makes a good point about digging into the hay bales and tearing up the car's chairs for cloth. Interacting with the world is how humans have survived forever. It's what we're good at.
  6. @mayimbe I think having wolves certain caves is a really nice touch. I won't spoil anything for you... though information about which caves have "occupants" is out there in various threads if you wish to seek it.
  7. Hi everyone, I've been in desolation point for almost twenty days and after I almost finished my life a bear found an inner cave next to a waterfall and I wanted to take shelter and it was a surprise to me that inside there was a wolf which attacked me for Surprise almost gave me a heart attack. I didn't know that there were wolves in the inner caves. I hope I don't find a bear inside a cave. I have already survived for more than 100 days in what I have been playing in stalker mode
  8. @mayimbe Fair enough, I didn't mean to imply anything. Personally I like the challenge of having to "goat" around to try and find the ways to get higher up to clear off those black smudges. For me it's a fun way to experiment and get much more proficient at navigating over the terrain.
  9. @Yavind ... so if I interpret this correctly, your suggestion about "improving" the game is to make it easier? I just can't agree with you on this. You might find you can achieve some your personal preferences with custom settings.
  10. it is not that I modify it too simply just widen the mapping range a bit for those who like not to leave black holes in the map
  11. I don't really see any problems with the wolves... so I'm not sure what you are on about.
  12. @mayimbe, No thanks... I'm not really interested in mods for this game. Frankly I like that this task is fairly laborious, and I enjoy the difficulties I face in this game. I do like the idea of mods breathing new life into games, but honestly I don't really see a need to mod The Long Dark. I accept this game for what it is. Besides, moding the mapping system would just feel "cheaty" to me (I'm not saying it is... I'm just saying that's how it would feel to me).
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  14. That perfectly emulates that gut feeling you're being watched in the woods... Also it's a really cool effect, you could add a heartbeat once it's in view.
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    @MacEwan1, I mentioned this in another thread, but it seems it would fit here as well: *edited to make the thoughts expressed more fitting to the topic of the this thread. ...I do really wish topics like these wouldn't resurface so frequently, the forum search functions are wonderful tools. Also, @MacEwan1... there is no need to make the font so huge or bold. These things don't make the thread more noticeable... it just makes it seem more obnoxious when it's read. I only mean this as constructive criticism, I'm not saying that to be mean.
  16. See my post on page 2 here. I was guessing it's 45 long Colt, an old-style cowboy caliber.
  17. Well, thanks to the community of mods, mapping the map is not so difficult anymore, just raise the range to 300 and ready the mapping range is somewhat larger than the basic
  18. I like the harvest yields for reclaimed wood just fine... there is not real need for ridiculous amounts of it. After all there are only so many snares you can make before one feel like, "Maybe this was too much..." Beyond that, it's just firewood. Besides, we can get ridiculous quantities from breaking down pallets.
  19. I never carry any back ups... but I do stash backups all over the place. If I come across a good piece of clothing or gear, I repair it up and store it in one of my hole-up locations (I usually keep a list of spots I've stashed gear - though I don't usually list what I stashed, just that I have a stash there). This way if I have an emergency that I can't immediately take care of with the basic kit I run around with... I know I'm rarely very far from one of my stashes.
  20. Not much happening today... I've found a couple of deer carcasses, harvested tree rabbits, and one wolf (one of the rabbits was picked off by the wolf so I capitalized on the opportunity... definitely worth a cartridge). Mostly I've just been collecting sticks in the span between the Stone Church and Katie's Secluded Spot. I have enough firewood for about 48 hours. I think I will use the hollowed out tree over by the southern entrance of Abandoned Mine #5 so I can have two fires going while I continue to gather more firewood. I should be able to start mapping in earnest, though I've already mapped about a fair bit just with what I've pulled out of found campfires and burn barrels. The trouble with this region is that I know the map will look like absolute rubbish unless I do a substantial amount of goating around.
  21. I know tech speaking no one is alive on great bear but you in survival mode but with how that body is the axe and everything. to me if i had to guess he was choping the tree and didnt follow rule one of tree chopping in winter....Look up before chopping and kick the tree before as well to cause anything in branches to fall. all the snow on the body. Im guessing high enough branch had a lot of snow on it and he hit the tree and died from snow ball impact to the head. Edit. Or it forgot to put the lotion on the skin and got the hose again..
  22. I dont carry spares but i do store every piece of clothing i have in different areas. I try to keep it the same in all areas. Like the same protection even if not the same items. For just incase if i get attacked and clothing gets ruined or i need to warm up. I do the same with pretty much everything. Try to keep a can or 2 of soda or water a few cat tails enough wood for 2 hours of fire pretty much enough supplies at every location if possible if i need to tuck tail and run to re gain my footing.
  23. Typically carry a spare hat and mittens. Haven’t needed it in a while. I would probably be ok without. -t
  24. There were really only two options available: there are no people at the fire or there are dead people at the fire. Because there are no alive people anywhere. They chose dead people, ending the fire mystery right there. I think no people would have been more interesting...
  25. Its been a while since I've played TLD, but when the revolver was first introduced, I too dumped a considerable amount of ammo into a moose that didn't drop it. They don't mention the caliber, but with just 6 rounds in the cylinder I'd have to imagine at a minimum its a .38 special or .357 magnum, anything bigger and you'd be stuck with 5 rounds vs 6. I just pretend that the only ammo you can get is .38 special hollow point in a low powered loading to explain how woefully underpowered the revolver is against big game.
  26. I hear the 007 theme in my head as I look at this shot...
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